With a budget of 300,000 yuan, suVs are used by buyers. These three models have strong power, large space, hard strength and high cost performance

Hello everyone, I’m Xiao Fang!If your budget is around 300,000 yuan and you want to buy a family SUV with strong power and large space, there are three of them with strong strength and good cost performance, this episode of content to share with you.The first lynk 09, as lynk’s flagship model, is also one of the few domestic SUVs with a price of more than 300,000 yuan, with a guide price of 2659-329,900 yuan, which is very close to the price of Highlander.The vehicle is over 5 meters long, with a wheelbase of 2984 mm, and is positioned as a medium to large SUV.Lynk 09 is based on the SPA platform of the Volvo XC90, with the same chassis layout and suspension as the XC90.The appearance of LYNk 09 adopts the family design language, which is highly recognizable and fashionable.The interior adopts 12.3-inch LCD instrument and 12-inch central control screen, full sense of science and technology.Workmanship materials are also more generous, a large number of leather materials and piano paint panels far exceed the level of the same price at the same level of joint venture car.Lynk 09 offers both 6-seater and 7-seater powertrains. The 2.0t engine has 254 HP with an 8AT transmission, and the whole series is equipped with 48-volt light mixing system and all-wheel-drive, with zero acceleration of around 8 seconds.And lynk 09 entry is high matching, even the lowest matching models, active and passive safety configuration, comfort configuration are very rich.Disadvantage is brand power is general, maintenance cost is on the high side.The second Buick Enko flag guide price of 2909 ~ 359,900, terminal concessions of 40,000, starting price of about 260,000, nearly 5 meters in length, wheelbase 2863 mm, positioning is also in large SUV.The appearance is still very atmospheric, the work of the interior materials, details in the same price joint venture SUV is also the upper level.Also available in 6 – and 7-seat versions, powertrain 2.0T engine 237 HP with 9AT plus 48-volt light blend system.Starting at this low speed has fast response and good smoothness, and the driving experience is significantly improved in the congested urban road conditions. The zero-hundred acceleration can reach about 9 seconds, which is enough to meet the needs of daily household transportation.As the flagship SUV model of Buick, The Angke Flag has high cost performance, and the tranquility inside the car is very good. It has good soundproof effect and comfort when running at high speed and taking the car for a long time. The disadvantage is that the retention rate is low.The third Ford Explorer guide price 3098 ~ 3698 thousand, the terminal discount at about 10,000.With a length of 5,075mm and a wheelbase of 3,025mm, the Explorer is big enough to have a strong aura.Even more power is good, 2.3T engine 276 horsepower with 10AT, zero hundred acceleration only 8 seconds, daily overtaking speed easily.The Explorer still has some handling, and Ford’s chassis conditioning has a nice advantage in its class.The disadvantage is that the material used for interior work is relatively rough, and the fuel consumption is not low.The above three SUV no matter from the power, space, configuration, price comprehensive point of view, hard power is very strong.If you had 300,000, what would you choose?This content we said that this time, if you have a car question, follow me in the comments section.Today’s topic: the budget of 300,000 buyers with SUV, these 3 powerful, large space, hard strength, cost-effective

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