29.36 points!China’s 19-year-old star was knocked out to finish 25th at the Winter Olympics, with three Americans in the final

On February 5, 2022, the women’s snowboard slopestyle qualification round ended, and 12 snowboarders advanced to the final. The top three of the last Winter Olympics were in the list. The 19-year-old Chinese rising star Rong Ge ranked 25th with 29.36 points, and was finally eliminated from the qualification round.She with the second round of outstanding performance in the murase heart flower.It is worth mentioning that GuAiLing wait until later, she was enrolled freestyle skiing u-shaped venue tips, obstacles to women’s slope, women’s big platform, in the field of snowboarding, is China’s most likely the podium Su Yi, jung can get qualification is not easy, she once get 8 in Switzerland last year, also to create a new history of China.The last Winter Olympics top three all have the strength to challenge for the gold medal, respectively is the United States jamie.Anderson, Laurie Of Canada.Braun, Lukajilvi of Finland, 17-year-old Xinwa Murase of Japan and Sinnott of New Zealand also should not be overlooked. Overall, the competition in this event is still quite fierce, many of the strength gap is not big, all depends on their own performance.In the qualification competition, each contestant has two chances to get the highest score, and the top 12 contestants advance to the final. Chinese new star Rong Ge got 29.36 points in the first time, 13.01 points in the second time, and finally won the 25th place with 26.36 points. She was eliminated from the qualification competition, and will compete in the women’s platform later.She can represent the Chinese team to compete, all deserve affirmation.The finalists were: New Zealand’s Sinnott with 86.75 points, Japan’s Xinhua Murase with 81.45 points, Finland’s Lukajelvi with 78.83 points, Austria’s Gasser with 75 points, and defending champion Jaime of the United States.Anderson scored 74.35 points, Followed by Marino of the United States with 71.78 points and Laurie of Canada.Braun scored 71.55 and Cody of Australia 71.13.Lang LAN of the United States scored 68.71, Germany’s Morgan 67.63, Japan’s Iwan 渕 Lele 67, and Switzerland’s Ariane 65.55. The United States also had an overall advantage in this event, with four competitors and three qualified for the finals.Jamie Anderson is two Olympic champion of the project, but the veteran whether in difficulty or finish quality, than sinnott, and village wrasse some worse if these young players to complete three-peat create history, it is almost impossible thing, rising star impact force is too strong, the final tomorrow, who can have the last laugh then let us wait and see.

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