5 minutes of “attention” to learn how to price

The customer is a professional power system solution provider.Recently, the bid was lost, and the order signed with great difficulty was made into a loss.Why is that?How to do?Content Summary Challenge: Not a professional price system research: management team experience professional, products have advantages, no professional pricing system impact: solve the pricing system, price formulation and price management and other actual combat problems customer said: “all my question marks are straightener!.”Summary: Pricing strategy services to help you set reasonable prices, open new markets, gain more customers and profits high-tech solutions how to price challenges: Without a professional pricing system for customers, CEO Jin is always a gentle and wise man in his 50s.Detailed introduction of the company, the product situation and facing problems.The negative impact of price on performance is mainly caused by confusion in the system, price formulation and actual combat.Customer problems research on how to price high-tech solutions: The management team has professional experience, the product has advantages, and there is no professional pricing system. After a careful study of the current situation of the customer, we found the key information.Outlook: strategic level, industry policy support, customer demand target customers: power supply bureau, power substation, substation, power engineering companies, power plants, petroleum, chemical industry and so on all power use and operational units solutions focus on satisfy the customer in the electric power operation rivals to the requirement of safe, efficient and standard features:Product positioning strategy: High-value strategy – to improve the high value for customers, and the price is in the middle level of the industry. Product positioning strategy selection tool tactical operation level:Now found no clear brand positioning is currently using cost pricing, but the specific how many margins without precise marketing should add more comprehensive, and brand positioning are not found in the present obvious relationship between the marketing integration needs more information to determine the business goals, the principle of SMART for high-tech solutions how to price the influence of impact:We solve pricing system, price setting and price management based on customer objectives, current situation, current resources and competitive marketing environment and other factors, we solve pricing system, price setting and price management.The core recommendations are as follows (if you are interested in the specific content of the plan, you can contact us or refer to the “Banking Marketing Management Marketing Analysis”) pricing system:Fixed cost analysis table variable cost analysis table list price system – different product line, the list price of different products, the corresponding function, service, spare parts or value-added services procurement price alone, such as conventional batch purchase price discount system – who what discount you can batch special cases list approval process – what kind of discount can apply for a special discount?Application process?Approver channel price system – channel import price, channel export price and other price adjustment strategy price change strategy to determine the price:Adopted the pricing model of syllogism (for more information on the model, you can refer to the banking industry marketing management essence analysis) to determine the price of the bottom line, to focus on an actuarial implementation cost and the value-added service cost, avoid the loss caused by sign a little, do much to determine the price ceiling, customers for its customer perception is very clear, make the original part of the difficult easy.Here we need to give Mr. Jin a thumbs up for the information obtained in the above research. We need to select the target profit pricing method which is most suitable for customers’ situation. In order to formulate the final price, we first need to calculate the target price by using the formula.Target price = unit cost + (expected investment cost rate x amount of investment) ÷ expected sales volume Then use the following tools to calculate the breakeven point.Shall we adjust our pricing strategy?How often did the opponent use the bid?It isn’t.Then don’t respond to this low price.Does not rule out the possibility that the competitor loses money to take a case or blunt sales performance.Customer problem 2: Our product functions and workload exceed the customer’s requirements, but the price does not go up.Why is that?Are features and workloads that exceed customer requirements required by the customer?Yes. Are these requirements indispensable to the client?Yes. Did we make the customer understand the additional value of this piece and accept a reasonable price increase?No.Because the price of extra work was not taken into account in the initial quotation, the customer refused to raise the price due to internal process restriction after signing the contract, which requires the establishment of a professional price system to manage similar problems. Customer problem 3: Our quotation is too arbitrary, which makes the customer feel that the price is too excessive.When the quotation is to make money after the implementation of loss, because of the project cycle delay, how to do?After developing professional price system, such problem will be solved easily.B: Why?You can refer to “banking marketing management marketing Analysis”) “how to price high-tech solutions” project results Customer said: “All my question marks have been straightened!.”” Thank zhao general professional answers, benefit a lot!All my question marks have been straightened out.After the establishment of the pricing system, we will continue to consult the strategy and other matters. “Mr. Jin CEO Summary: Pricing strategy services, to help you make reasonable prices, open up new markets, gain more customers and profits

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