As the trade deadline nears, maybe none of the trades you want to see happen

With the February 11 NBA trade deadline just two days away, teams are gearing up for their last chance.It’s not as easy as you think.Wei wei less less career from Oklahoma city to the rockets, from the rocket to the wizards, from wizards to the lakers, never afford such a bristle, today the once flying overnight megatron dun land, the once averaged three pairs of men, the loyalty of the three remaining less to thunder finally endorsements, suddenly turned into a cancer, may have also known as data brush,But with Westbrook at its core, Oklahoma City needed him to do everything, and fans wanted a superstar who could do everything.This year without the big three are embarrassed title, the nets have the big three, the city of angels how can lose, but when less to Los Angeles, lakers fans regret to find that at the age of 34, no longer can do anything less, may have to adapt to the illusion of time at the beginning, but when layup, dunk card basket of neck, errors in a row, row while the iron is hot,After hitting the top of the backboard, don’t expect Westbrook to feed his teammates cookies while Lebron James rests. Even with lebron James in the game winning frame, westbrook was virtually invisible and expendable at the end of the game. The lakers don’t have much time to wait to find out whether westbrook really doesn’t fit the system or is getting old.Perhaps the less in still have trade value choice, this is the idea of most fans, but how many transaction value, it is a fable, according to an NBA source analysis, the power in the eyes of the other teams have become less real negative assets, 44 million annual salary, can eat side is not much, by now poor performance,Two first-round picks aren’t too much, but where do the lakers get them?Or be bold enough to add Westbrook to another trade, but who in the Lakers can pass up?Buddy Hilde?Has gone to the pacers.Theo?Don’t dream about it. The lakers just blew it.The Nets and lakers have become so close that they may never meet in the Finals.The nets in the lakers to the play-offs, durant also play-offs is more and more close after the injury, durant was injured and 11 games, the nets lost nine games, team is a wave during the closure by defeat, and suffered from the sun, of course, Sir, the warriors, the Denver nuggets, very tight western conference this about, but the team really missed durant wouldn’t win a?Over the past two years, the nets of the big three is nominally, durant, Michael Owen and harden, three common only made 16 appearances, including six playoff games, this season is constantly, the condition of Owen not dozen vaccine, KD and harden has reached 37 minutes of playing time, Owen return only two away games, Kevin durant and hurt, harden is long thighs and wrist injury not more.According to the latest news, Tatum has replaced Durant in the Eastern Conference All-Star team, which means KD will miss the all-star break. It is hard to say when he will return to the court. It is likely that he will be out for the entire month of February.This is a huge blow for the Nets, who will face the celtics, who have won five straight games, the Wizards, who are struggling in the playoffs, and the heat, who are currently the top team in the Eastern Conference.Today’s home game against the celtics, harden the truce, Owen can’t come, the nets and send a clock “7 minutes of gift”, the first section 7 minutes, the nets anger sent a wave of 2 to 28 result, 1 in 15, shooting only opened griffin, perimeter 6 0, but the green army attack hit epic, the team feel burst, 15 in 12, a wave of killing the game.The rest of the schedule has few games against western Conference teams, with only two tough games against the Grizzlies and Utah jazz. The rest of the schedule is the Eastern Conference civil war, which is very important for the team’s final standings, as well as playoff spots and home-court advantage.Less bitter in the Los Angeles lakers, harden in the nets also not equal to idea, although occasionally have bright eye, but a steady output is gone, the difficulty of the feed cake is also more and more big, the team’s defensive problems still cannot solve, attack state also ups and downs, all opponents seem to have found the way to restrain the nets, arrange one or two big men inside of the perimeter in double harden,As soon as Harden passes the ball around, the Nets’ offense is out of rhythm. There’s no way to win a game by piecemating like Admills, and what if Irving scores a magic shot or two?Deng elder brother tried very hard, but it just backfired.Harden and simmons has been hyped for several months, will occur in this season, personally think it is almost impossible, the west is not the nets need players, the nets need to the stability of the open space shooter, harden again can touch or feed cake, the west as a flank attack defensive people play computer transformation also can, is not necessarily better than harden.76 people would be happy to see such a deal, after all, was also think that it is better to eat the bread, the nets will still have a little basketball sense of management, it is impossible to make such a bad deal, but if the team continue to be so, this summer could harden in brooklyn, it really hard to say, harden title dreams, the champion of the nets dream,Maybe it was just a dream after all.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to snow hide kan ball plop

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