Fine pragmatic dare to “serious” implementation for the people show responsibility

To get things done for the masses, we must have the patience and perseverance to never give up small things and persevere for a long time.Recently, in a case that no property is available for execution to enter the end of the execution procedure, the judge continued tracking and regular inspection of the sealed account, successfully seized more than 900,000 yuan in the case, and returned the case to the applicant, so that the applicant can see the hope of recourse, so that the old lairai give up the illusion of escape.Company A and a leasing company signed the Financial Leasing Contract, stipulating that Company A would raise 3 million yuan from the leasing company in the form of after-sale, with a term of 24 months.Yang mou and leasing company signed the “guarantee contract”, the aforementioned debt to assume the guarantee responsibility.After company A failed to repay the debt on time, the leasing company applied for arbitration and was supported and applied for enforcement.Because the subject a company and Yang have no property, the execution has not been in place.In the execution of arbitration cases, the person subjected to execution shell company and Yang name bank account has no balance, real estate and equity have also been several rounds of seizure, the court through online query found no other available for execution of the property, the applicant property leasing company has failed to provide effective clues, after many efforts failed, executed according to the termination of legal proceedings in the case.Nevertheless, the handling judge, based on years of experience in handling the case and in combination with the circumstances of the case, believed that the bank accounts of company A and Yang were likely to receive funds, so all their bank accounts were frozen.In the process of frozen 1 years to renew the frozen inspection, it was found that Yang originally showed a balance of 0 yuan of an account, unexpectedly after refreshing the page showed the balance of more than 900,000 yuan, the judge quickly deducted the case on the account, and timely informed the applicant.The petitioner, who had little hope of a claim, was so excited that he thanked the judge over the phone.In the receipt of the case, the applicant specially to the court to undertake the judge to send a side write “execution for the construction of the Democratic Party to lead the defense of justice;A few lines on the flag not only expressed the applicant’s recognition and affirmation of the implementation of the work, but also encouraged and supported the front-line implementation of the police.We need to be careful and pragmatic in our implementation.Grasp the details of the implementation of the work, not because of trivial and trivial things and do not do, perseverance, dare to be really tough, to do the work to do, to win the people’s sincere recognition.

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