Frontline teachers: let the south children fall in love with ice and snow sports

Students of Guiyang Experimental No. 3 Middle School practice curling in the elective course of ice and snow.When I left Baishan mountain in Jilin Province to go to university in Southern China, I never imagined that I would be on the ice again 20 years later.In 2005, I was admitted to Guiyang No.3 Experimental Middle School as a teacher.Although thousands of miles apart, but hometown ice and snow often appear in the dream.My hometown baishan is the land of ice and snow, almost everyone can smoke ice monkey, play “out slippery”.My major in the institute of Physical Education has nothing to do with snow and ice, but the “snow and ice constitution” of the Northeast people enables me to handle skiing and skating with ease.Unfortunately, none of these skills come in handy in Guiyang, southwest China.I thought I would never play snow skating again, but winter Olympics fever gave me a new start in my career.The call of “attracting 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports” awakened my dream of ice and snow.In 2019, I approached the school leader and proposed to open an elective course for ice and snow sports.Surprisingly, with almost no trouble, the school quickly decided to support my proposal, which moved me very much.Before long, indoor skiing and land curling were officially on the curriculum schedule of Guiyang Experimental No. 3 Middle School, and Guiyang Experimental No. 3 Middle School became the first middle school in Guiyang to carry out ice and snow sports.Will southern children like northern sports?At the beginning, I was still a little uneasy, I did not expect that as soon as the notice was issued, more than half of the students in each class signed up.Although There is no ice and snow in Guiyang, guiyang baby’s enthusiasm for ice and snow does not lose the northeast baby!In the first semester, more than 300 students took the land curling course.Due to the large number of applicants, 10 students from each class were selected through a combination of physical fitness test and lottery.Curling is elegant and intense, physical and mental exercise, children are fascinated by the sport, but the threshold is not low, the investment is not small.At the beginning, the school did not have special training venues, so the use of amateur slide.The enthusiasm of the children for snow and ice sports has infected the school leaders. In 2020, the school invested millions of yuan to build a professional training hall and buy professional slides.Conditions have improved, children cherish opportunities more and learn more seriously.Last year, Guiyang city appointed our school to form a team to participate in the land curling winter event of the 11th Guizhou Provincial Games, and we carefully selected more than 20 students to prepare for the competition.In order not to delay their study, these students only had four or five hours of training time every week, but they worked very hard and made rapid progress.Although the children in the south have not been cultivated since childhood, their understanding of curling is no worse than that of the children in the north.On January 17 this year, they won the third place in the land curling event in the provincial Games on behalf of Guiyang.Participating in the provincial competition for the first time, the children were not afraid of the stage, and their spirit and sense of collective honor left a deep impression on the judges.Tang Yijie, one of the players, injured his elbow and was advised to rest, but he insisted on playing in the game.Participating in curling training students, academic performance generally improved, which is their own did not expect.We are now a featured school of ice and snow project in Guiyang city. There are an endless stream of brother schools that come to visit and study. Almost all of them want to add ice and snow courses.At present, we are planning to carry out the land ice hockey program and strive to become the demonstration middle school of “North Snow and South Exhibition”.(Interview by Our reporter Lu Shen and Chen Guanhe)

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