Hebei Wu ‘an old man inquiry son deposit event: iron factory compensation for hundreds of thousands of rumors

On January 26, a reporter of Beijing Youth Daily learned from an official source in Wu ‘an that a report that the old man’s son had received hundreds of thousands of yuan in compensation from an iron factory was not true.Wu ‘an officials issued a circular on the matter, saying that on the evening of January 22, an online platform posted “two old men in shabby clothes, shambling, bringing cremation certificates and confirmation letters to check the late son’s savings,” and the city leaders attached great importance to this, requiring immediate verification of the situation, to solve the elderly’s actual difficulties.After verification, the two old man is wuan soon township south zhuang zhuang village, the old man HuoMou, his wife HuoMou chicken (for former wuan BaoZhuang retired worker) of coal mine, his son HuoMou tao born of the two old man remarried, living partner for wuan a advertising company, in early December 2021 in the installation of outdoor advertising aerial work, accident drop dead,Not “working in an iron works.”On the morning of January 23, wu ‘an Municipal Party committee network information office, people’s Bank of Wu ‘an sub-branch, Zhangjiakou Bank Wu ‘an sub-branch main person in charge of the combination of Beianzhuang township government office, Nananzhuang village committee, to visit the elderly, promised to help the elderly query his son’s deposit, query results will be timely informed of the elderly.On the morning of January 24, people’s Bank of Wuan sub-branch, Zhangjiakou Bank Wuan sub-branch special arrangement of staff to the two old man received zhangjiakou bank Wuan sub-branch, and coordination of 19 financial institutions under the jurisdiction, the scene for the two old man centralized inquiry of his son’s deposit, the elderly inquiry services and results are very satisfied.Beijing Youth Daily

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