Is famous school poor major and common school good major how to choose?Is it necessary to read an unpopular major in a prestigious university

A lot of candidates in fill in the time of the voluntary will often encounter professional and school can not have both the situation, want to read a good university, but the score line can only read unpopular major;They want to study popular majors, but their scores can only be applied to mediocre universities.Then the teacher and the students to talk about this topic, to answer the “poor major in elite schools and ordinary schools how to choose a good major” and “is it necessary to read the unpopular major in elite schools” two often let high examinees very tangled questions.One, good major of poor major of famous school and common school how to choose?Good schools and good majors have their own advantages, and every examinee has different needs, so they will make different choices.The teacher listed some of the advantages and disadvantages of poor major and ordinary good major, convenient for students to refer to and choose.Advantages: The overall school-running strength of famous schools will be relatively strong, ranking in the top of the country.They usually have a strong faculty and research level, and a high admission score.Usually, students with good grades will have better learning ability and self-control ability, so the overall learning atmosphere in elite schools will be better.University study basically depends on self-consciousness, and I can make progress with a group of like-minded partners. Even if the major I choose is not so popular, I can keep good study habits, which is very beneficial to my future development.Many large enterprises also pay more attention to the quality of the school, believing that graduates from elite schools are more capable, and they are more optimistic about them when recruiting.② Disadvantages: Poor majors in prestigious universities refer to relatively unpopular majors, which are likely to be difficult to find a job.For example, Wuhan University is a 985 university, but its undergraduate employment rate of biopharmaceutical, material physics and other majors is less than 80% in 2020.Advantages: Most of the examinees’ definition of a good major is not that the school has the strongest major, but that it is currently popular and popular.These majors are in high demand and easier to find jobs.For example, Shanghai Lixin Accounting College is only an ordinary undergraduate school, but its economics graduates in 2020 have a high employment rate of 92%.For most examinees, read a university is to go to the convenience of looking for a job later, choose a popular major even if it is only ordinary college graduates, employment will be easier.(2) Disadvantages: the level of teachers, school-running strength, professional teaching level and other aspects of ordinary universities are likely to be inferior to elite schools.Students need to improve their professional ability through online courses in their daily study.If you feel that the disadvantage of a poor major is unacceptable, choose a good major from an ordinary university.If you can accept it, you still choose a prestigious school.Make your own decision when you fill in the application form. Suggestions from others should only be used as a reference.Two, is it necessary to read the unpopular major in famous schools?It is necessary to read unpopular majors in elite schools.There are some cold major is really not very good to find a job, we have in advance to prepare.This kind of major is called cold major by everybody, because market demand is not big perhaps to record of formal schooling requirement is very high namely, obtain employment feedback is bad, then a lot of examinees are not willing to enter oneself for an examination.But an unpopular major is not the same as a rubbish major or a bad major.The market changes so quickly that what’s hot today may not be so hot four years from now;It is not impossible that the formerly unpopular profession may become popular due to the tilt of national policy.The choice of major also depends on whether you are interested in it, rather than just whether it is an unpopular major or a popular major.Fill in the college Entrance examination

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