Medium gun to shun gun 39- Cross the river and patrol the river for 3 minutes to learn layout

I am reading and learning chess, an ordinary Chinese chess fan.3 minutes to learn the layout series, to learn the layout of the gun.This is the gun on the gun layout 39 set: gun horizontal car straight car on the gun.Please click the link 3 minutes to learn the layout of the gun on the gun 39- Red Cross car across the river black straight car patrol, 3 times into the balance of power video.Medium gun crosshound gun crosshound black crosshound patrol river red crosshound cross the river 1. Gun 2 level 5 level 8 level 52.Two horses, three horses, eight horses, 73. One car, one car, nine flat 84.36. Rook 6, 5, 2, 27. Rook 6, 7, 1, 28.Soldiers seven into a red not afraid gun taxi rush horse black car stop horse both sides of the melee black car was led to learn black gun along the river 18 dozen, this set to learn black back gun taxi 8.The soldiers scored seven points with one gun and two rears. The horses scored seven points with six chariots and drew eight points 410. The guns scored eight points with two guns and drew two points 311.Vehicle 7 flat 8 guns 3 guns 412. Vehicle 9 flat 8 guns 3 guns 113. Gun 8 flat 9 guns 3 guns 114.The rear vehicle enters 4 vehicles at 4 levels. the gun is 5 vehicles at 7 vehicles at 3 levels. the horse rears 6 vehicles at 7 vehicles at 417.Leading vehicle rearward 1 horse 4 into 218. Leading vehicle 7 into 8 black road vehicle guns are contained, red side is superior.Red rook to avoid catching and counter-catching gun Black gun to avoid throwing dazi 9. Horse 7 into 6 guns 2 flat 3 M10.7 chariots, 8 levelers, 8 horses, 3 guns, 411. 8 chariots, 2 guns, 3 guns, 112. 7 soldiers, 1 horse, 4 guns, 613.Ma six into eight black car gun was caught double, will throw son.Flat vehicle gun protection is just about to change the defensive line collapse in round 11, black flat vehicle gun protection: 11.8 mm, 2 mm, 1 mm, 3 M12, 5 mm, 7 mm, 3 mm 313, phase 7 mm, 5 mm, 3 mm 414.7mm 7mm 4mm 515. 7mm 7mm 3mm 116. 8mm 1mm 5mm 417.Rook 8 retreat 5 warrior 4 into 518. Rook 8 flat 6 black rook drawn, will lose.Round 15, Flat Point gun: 15. Gun 7 flat 9, 5 flat 4 M16. Vehicle 8 flat 7, 4 flat 217.Gun eight flat nine red eat back big son.The black line is empty and difficult to defend.In round 13, the black rook’s compressed space: 13.M14, 7 guns, 6 guns, 5 guns, 115 vehicles, 8 vehicles, 3 vehicles, 116 vehicles.3 infantry, 1 gun, 5 level.4 horse, 4 guns, 4 level.4 horse, 4 chariots, 3 level.419Gun 8 level 6 level 4 120. Gun 6 score 6 score 1 421.Summary and prospect of black cruiser, red crossing vehicle to eat pawn, this change to the black side of a certain test.Black’s right, the balance is still there.In the next video we’ll look at other changes to the Red side.Thank you for watching, retweeting and liking.Good bye!This article by reading the original chess, welcome to pay attention to, take you with long knowledge.For more exciting content, come to read and learn chess

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