Please pay attention!You can get a ticket for littering

Huli district Huli street recreation community joint law enforcement squadron, the living community garbage classification management is not in place to interview the relevant property responsible person.In Xinyang Street, Haicang District, law enforcement officers stationed at garbage sorting and dropping points, randomly opening bags of residents for inspection.(Xinyang Street photo provided) Law enforcement officers of Huli Squadron of Huli District Urban Management Bureau carried out regular special law enforcement inspection of garbage classification in the area under their jurisdiction, and issued notice of ordered correction to merchants who violated the regulations.(Huli Street photo provided) Spot law enforcement to restrain garbage landing disorder, return visit and urge the units with poor evaluation results to improve, daily inspection and supervision of shops to develop a good habit of garbage classification……Litter is not classified, careful ticket “find”!In recent days, Xiamen city garbage classification work leading group office continued to carry out garbage classification law enforcement action, many streets and relevant law enforcement departments in and out of the island to take action, onto the streets, into the homes of residents, garbage classification illegal behavior to criticize education and fines.Administrative law enforcement is only a means, and the implementation of rectification is the goal. Through law enforcement actions, citizens’ legal awareness of garbage classification has been constantly improved.Spot law enforcement squat open bag inspection door law enforcement informed “hello, garbage classification inspection.”In Haicang district Xinyang street new 埯 village 17 point, to put garbage Ms. Chen was squatted law enforcement xinyang street garbage classification staff stopped, asked the scene to open garbage bags, check garbage classification.Open a bag to see, different kinds of garbage mixed together, Ms. Chen was soon law enforcement personnel “lesson” : law enforcement personnel patiently explain how to classify, while Ms. Chen scene re-classification, then issued a notice to correct.Ms. Chen laments that for herself, this is a garbage classification “admission notice”, she said that in the future will be strict with themselves, ask their families, do not make such mistakes.Recently, xinyang street la group staff found in the daily patrol, garbage point still have garbage landing situation.Through the point of surveillance video, law enforcement officers found a littering aunt in xiamen yard community, with the cooperation of property personnel to carry out door-to-door law enforcement.Law enforcement officers presented the “Xiamen Special Economic Zone household garbage classification management Measures”, informed the corresponding consequences of illegal behavior, and issued an order to correct the notice, told aunt to learn lessons.I didn’t think throwing a litter could be “illegal”, and my aunt regretted it.According to the Measures for the Management of Household Garbage Classification in Xiamen Special Economic Zone, article 43 to Article 50 clearly defines the relevant legal responsibility for violating the provisions, and the administrative punishment shall be imposed by the urban administrative law enforcement department.The relevant person in charge of the garbage branch office said that it would cooperate with relevant departments to carry out comprehensive and whole-process garbage classification law enforcement inspection and give full play to the role of law enforcement guarantee.Return visit to check Continuous attention to reach the designated position Strict implementation of the rectification based on February 19, loading points do investigations review report, send silver lake OuJinShan street apartments and some residents in valley city residential district disorderly throw shots of existence, the problem of mixed throw garbage, on February 21st, jinshan OuJinShan street community and the lake in the lake district urban management bureau, jinshan squadron loading are carried out special law enforcement actions.Under the cooperation of community staff and property staff, Jinshan Company law enforcement officers to several non-supervisory time mixed garbage and resulting in adverse consequences of the residents of the door law enforcement, on-site popularization of relevant laws and regulations, at the same time issued a simple procedure punishment decision book.According to the introduction, the action of a total of 5 community residents to open a summary procedure of punishment decision, a total fine of 250 yuan.Jinshan Squadron Lei Xufeng told reporters, according to the city, district la sub-office handed over the evaluation results, as well as the supervision and forensics materials submitted by the industry authorities, they will be on the evaluation of poor or incorrectable units, property enterprises and individuals to follow up law enforcement.At the same time, Jimei District xinglin street also united jimei District urban management bureau Xinglin squadron, in the morning of February 21 to carry out garbage classification supervision work, on the west ting Jiayuan community problems ordered the property to implement the rectification in place.In the afternoon, the xinglin squadron, street la sub-office interviewed the person in charge of the west Pavilion Garden property, issued an order to correct the notice, requiring the property to clarify the main responsibility, to further improve the lack of.On February 23, the lake district in the lake street also joint law enforcement, recreation community living community in the appraisal report garbage classification management does not reach the designated position, interview relevant property and technology, analysis of carding garbage classification assessment standards, and ask the property needs to strengthen patrolling, clean and tidy, ensure that point garbage does not fall to the ground, the dissatisfaction overflow,Ensure the daily management of garbage classification in the community, and actively cooperate with the community to jointly promote garbage classification.Daily supervision and inspection of shops along the street put an end to the phenomenon of mixed investment.In order to further urge the shops along the street to carry out good household garbage classification work, the urban administrative law enforcement departments regularly carry out regular special law enforcement inspection of garbage classification in the area under their jurisdiction.In the afternoon of February 22, the huli District City management Bureau Huli Squadron law enforcement officers focused on the kpoint Road along the street business household garbage classification bucket set standards, whether there is mixed garbage problems and whether the standard Posting classification signs.”Tea residue in other rubbish bins and residual packaging bags in kitchen waste bins are all common problems.”Lake squadron zhen-yu huang told reporters that in the day to check, other bins lay a steamed stuffed bun shop two steamed stuffed bun, accidentally landing a seafood restaurant’s kitchen waste bins with several plastic bags, the relevant person in charge of law enforcement officials pointed out on the spot and the critique of education, at the same time issued a rectification notice immediately order the rectification in place.On the scene, law enforcement officers once again popularized the “Xiamen Special Economic Zone Household Garbage Classification Management Measures”, requiring shops to enhance the garbage classification awareness of employees, improve the accuracy of garbage classification.According to introducing, since this year, the lake district urban management bureau squadron in view of the business within the jurisdiction of the body in the lake, enterprises, sites such as carrier to carry out the special law enforcement actions they sort the garbage, more than 260 times in execute the law personnel more than 600 people, has not according to stipulations on the living garbage classification, 284, 56 single issue notice of administrative law enforcement, a rectification notice 145 single,83 punishment documents of summary procedure, 4150 yuan of penalty.● Arbitrarily dump or pile up household garbage, ordered to correct, to impose a fine of more than 10,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan;A fine of not less than 50 yuan but not more than 200 yuan shall be imposed on an individual; if he refuses to correct himself, a fine of 1,000 yuan shall be imposed.● Violation of the provisions of household garbage, ordered to correct;If a unit refuses to make corrections, a fine of not less than 10,000 yuan but not more than 50,000 yuan shall be imposed on it, and a fine of not less than 50 yuan but not more than 500 yuan shall be imposed on an individual.● If the responsible person violates the provisions of these Measures, he shall be ordered to correct within a time limit;If the unit fails to correct within the time limit, it shall be imposed a fine of not less than RMB 10,000 yuan but not more than RMB 50,000 yuan, and 10 percent of the amount of the fine of the unit shall be imposed on the person-in-charge and other persons directly responsible of the unit.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source 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