The first case in the province!Hebi implements the voting system of NPC deputies for major livelihood projects

On February 12th, the 11th National People’s Congress fifth session in hebi city, through the way of all the voting delegates, produced the hebi city in 2022, ten people’s livelihood “projects, this is the first in henan province to municipalities voting at the municipal level and people’s livelihood projects, also hebi city people’s congress for the first time” projects listed in the general assembly of the people’s livelihood issues.First, agricultural post-disaster recovery and reconstruction and rural revitalization, upgrading and renovation of 337,200 mu of flooded farmland, including 89,400 mu of high-standard farmland.We will launch the construction of 130 demonstration villages for rural revitalization, and strive to complete the first batch of six demonstration villages for rural revitalization.We consolidated our achievements in lifting 54,000 people out of poverty, and continued to increase assistance for 14,000 monitored people.Construction of Public Kindergartens and Primary and Secondary schools We advanced the construction of public kindergartens and primary and secondary schools, built or expanded 19 public kindergartens, and built or expanded eight primary and secondary schools.Eighty schools damaged by the disaster will be repaired and upgraded, and all will be completed by the end of the year.Qibin District experimental high school was built.Iii. Construction of Old-age service Facilities Promote the construction of home-based community old-age service facilities, and by the end of the year, each street will have one comprehensive old-age service facility with no less than 50 embedded old-age beds.Each community has 1 place for elderly care service;We will transform 1,000 families with disabled or semi-disabled elderly people who are in financial difficulties to adapt to aging.Construction of Heating, gas and Water Supply Facilities Construction of the south-to-North Water Diversion Project to divert water to the old city will be accelerated, and the main part of the project will be basically completed by the end of the year.The heating, gas and water supply pipelines were upgraded, and 500,000 square meters of heating pipelines, 1 million square meters of gas pipelines, and 1 million square meters of water pipelines were added.V. Improving People’s Housing ConditionWe actively renovated old residential areas in cities and completed the renovation of 37 old residential areas throughout the year.We will build 3,500 housing units in centralized resettlement areas, and move all of them in by the end of the year.Continue to improve the coverage of professional property.Construction of Hebi East Talent apartment, the construction of Hebi East talent park.Vi. Improve people’s travel conditions and build zheng-Ji Railway Station in Junxian County.The Hehui Expressway was completed and opened to traffic, and the Anluo Expressway completed an annual investment of 450 million yuan.National Highway 107 (Hebi section) re-construction project completed the annual investment of more than 200 million yuan.240 kilometers of rural roads will be built or upgraded.Vii. Construction of “Green Crane Wall” To build a high-standard green ecological corridor, afforest 5,000 mu of the corridor.The taihang Mountain ecological restoration project has been implemented, afforestation of 30,000 mu of mountain areas has been completed.We will promote ecological conservation and restoration in rural areas, afforestation 2,000 hectares of rural areas, and build or upgrade 80 forested villages.We promoted the construction of “Everyone holds certificates and Skills in Henan”, and completed skill training for 40,000 person-times and 30,000 new skilled personnel throughout the year.The employment of key groups was ensured, and 30,500 new urban jobs were created in the city.Construction of new smart Cities has been accelerated. The 5G smart city new infrastructure (smart linkage + Edge computing + Application scenario) project of Hebi city has completed an investment of 300 million yuan.We will continue to expand the construction of 5G base stations.Enriching people’s Lives for Cultural Consumption-We will speed up the development of the “15-minute living circle” in cities, achieve full coverage of urban communities, and build 12 15-minute living circles in cities with high standards.We will continue to strengthen the development of green space in cities, and build or upgrade 20 urban parks.Continue to carry out the “stage art to grassroots” activity, the annual performance of 100.Editor: Li Heng

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