There are other reasons why cats cry, not just because they are sad

Sometimes, when we see a cat crying, we assume that something sad has happened to the cat, but it’s not just that.When a cat’s tears fall from the corners of his eyes, it is a sign that the cat has a blocked tear duct. If an owner observes that their cat has tears in the corners of his eyes, it may be a case of tears overflowing.Eye disease If the cat suffers from conjunctivitis, keratitis, glaucoma and other eye diseases, there will be tears, scratching the eyes, because the cat’s eyes are infected by bacteria, so it will lead to such a situation, if more serious, the owner had better take the cat to the pet hospital.When a foreign object enters a cat’s eye, the cat will secrete tears to expel the foreign object to protect itself. When the foreign object is discharged from the eye, it will return to its original appearance. Therefore, if the cat is trying to squeeze out tears, it may have entered its eye.Sometimes, when a cat accidentally does something wrong and is scolded by its owner, it will lower its head and cry bitterly. In fact, this is a performance of the cat admitting its mistake, hoping that the owner can forgive it and stop being angry. At this time, the owner should educate and guide the cat to do the right thing.During the day, owners can mix snacks and train their cats so that they don’t make mistakes again.It is recommended to use “Maitao not greasy freeze-dried chicken granules”, which are made of fresh chicken without adding frozen meat and meat powder. Large pieces can be used to grind cats’ teeth, while small pieces can be used to satisfy cravings.Irritated if caused by eating cat not sick, the body is healthy, and also is a good mood, but it is often tears, perhaps because eating caused by cigarettes and the associated with cats eat salty, too greasy, if cats eat too much salty food, can cause the staining, even can lead to kidney burden.So the owner should change the cat’s diet structure, give the cat to eat light low salt, low fire food as the main food.Recommended “greedy but not greasy cat food”, contains 0.3% salt, can fully meet the daily needs of the cat salt, will not lead to the cat eat too salty, and there are duck meat, wild chrysanthemum ingredients, can help cats clear heat under fire, effective management of tears.Conclusion: Does your cat cry a lot?

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