“Ace 7” officially opened recording, the original cast back, the first two issues of 8 flight guest list exposure

“Trump card to Trump Card” can be said to be a national variety program, but also zhejiang Taiwan’s flagship program, heat can and off the air before the “Fast Ben” to contend.The first six seasons of Trump Card were mostly broadcast during The Spring Festival, bringing laughter and laughter to the Chinese New Year. However, it seems that the 2022 version of Trump Card 7 has arrived late and no news has been heard, which has made long-time fans anxious.Recently, the audience finally welcomed the good news that “Trump Card” has started recording.First, director Wu Tong posted a four-word news that “ready to start recording”, and then millions of fans of bloggers reported that the first round of filming of “Trump Card 7” is scheduled for February 14 and February 15.Seeing the news, the fans are all happy.And even more pleasing is the return of the original Ace family.Shen Teng, Jia Ling, Guan Xiaotong and Hua Chenyu are all still there.Seeing this, I suddenly understand why “Ace 7” took so long to record, because during the Spring Festival, ace family members are really too busy.First of all, Shen tengyi has to promote the film “The Four Seas” for the Spring Festival, and he is busy rehearsing sketches for the Spring Festival Gala, while Jia Ling has no film to show this year, but she will also appear in the Spring Festival Gala.And Guan Xiaotong also has a new film and TV series starting in January.Wu Tong, the director of Ace, has been busy with the recording of another program, The Shining Band.Therefore, the whole team had other things to do in the Spring Festival, where they had time and energy to record “Ace 7”, so “Ace 7” was delayed until now.Liu Tao, Li Xiaoran, Zheng Kai and Yang Di participated in the recording of the first episode of Ace versus Ace 7 on February 14, according to an online report.The audience loved seeing these four celebrity guests.The first episode of the show, which has a theme related to the Northern Song Dynasty, was rumored to have all the guests wearing ancient costume from the Song Dynasty, prompting netizens to speculate on what the four would look like.Among them, Liu Tao has played a lot of song dynasty costume dramas, such as “How Many Worries Can YOU Have”, “Mazu”, “Da Song Palace Ci” and so on, I wonder if Liu Tao will dress up as his role.And Li Xiaoran is also an ancient costume beauty, but also played a lot of movies and TV plays about the Song Dynasty, such as “legend of laibu” as blue heart princess, and in “against the cold” as the rest of the red tears, are beauty pain, look forward to Li Xiaoran’s ancient costume.In the past two years of costume dramas, Xiao Hai’s favorite character is Li Yunrui in “Celebrate More Years”.Zheng Kai’s costume also makes people look forward to it. Zheng Kai also has a sense of variety shows. She was very funny in Running.Finally, Yang Di, to be honest, netizens are not particularly surprised, because Yang Di has been half of the “Ace” guest, almost every issue, although not looking forward to his costume, but the netizens are very looking forward to his funny.Seeing that Liu Tao and Hua Chenyu will be on the same stage again, reminds us of the two singers’ singing of “Embrace with Deep Feeling” at Hua chenyu’s concert, so netizens also hope that they can sing together again this time.Then, the blogger “Entertainment Observation” revealed the list of the guests who participated in the second episode of “Trump Card 7”. They were Bai Jingting, Tan Songyun, Zhao Youting and Li Chengru.Bai Jingting is a very popular and powerful young actor. He recently starred in the suspense drama The Beginning, in which he played Xiao Heyun, and his acting was excellent.Reuters photos of Bai jingting attending the recording of “Trump Card 7” on Feb 15 showed him wearing crocs on a cold day, stealing the spotlight.But Reuters also, another guest mark Chao, compared to Bai Jingting, zhao is more formal, dressed in black, quite a bit of veteran cadres style.And the first phase of the two men and two women is different, the second phase only a female guest Tan Songyun, Tan Songyun is also a very good actress, these two years played a number of explosive play, from the name of the family, under the brocade, brocade heart like jade, etc..It is worth mentioning that Tan Songyun and Bai Jingting are also the old partners who have cooperated for many times, the two have played together “whirlwind girl”, “Our new era”, etc., the two also sang the song “Want to see you”, and privately, two people are a pair of good friends.Two people in the “Ace” on the same stage team, must be very tacit understanding.The last guest is the well-known teacher Li Chengru.Many netizens were surprised to see Li Chenggru participate in the show, because in the eyes of netizens, Li Chenggru is very serious and bad-tempered. It is ok for him to be a tutor on the actor, but now he feels awkward to play games on stage. Moreover, the age difference between li Chenggru and other guests is too big.In fact, Xiao Hai thinks that Li Chengru should be the kind of person who is serious when he should be serious and lively when he should be lively. Maybe he can expose some golden sentences like “Sanru” in the program.Song Yaxuan also returned, but a bit more than the loss of the blogger revealed at the same time, young such as LAN, “small Song” Song Yaxuan also joined again “trump card”.About Song Yaxuan join again, netizens are also very surprised, because Song Yaxuan will face the college entrance examination this year, need to reduce the workload, more time for study, and he has participated in a program “Three Teenagers”, delay a lot of time.Therefore, there are still 4 months before the college entrance examination, netizens speculate that Song Yaxuan will not be able to participate in the recording of “Trump Card 7”, so, to see Song Yaxuan join again, many netizens also suggest that Song, or focus on school work.We should know that ma Jiaqi, the youth group of The Times, had arranged too much work, affecting the study, resulting in the failure of the college entrance examination.Therefore, Xiao Hai thinks that Song Yaxuan in the sprint time of the college entrance examination to participate in the variety show, a little outweighed the gain.Finally, want to say, many netizens from the Spring Festival, has been looking forward to the premiere of “Trump Card 7”, now although it is late, but after seeing the lineup, the netizens are also very happy, ratings are no problem stable.First issue two period beauties, plus two funny people.The second phase, there are Bai Jingting and Tan Songyun on the same stage, plus “ace family” four people all return, one did not leave.Shen Teng, Jia Ling, Hua Chenyu and Guan Xiaotong will bring you joy again. If there is no accident, the first program will meet you in late February or early March. Let’s look forward to it.

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