Heart community to send warm, warm condolences before the festival

This Spring Festival is under the pressure of the “three bans” and the “two-front battle” against epidemic prevention in the city. In order to ensure the residents in the district have a safe and peaceful New Year, xinhua Garden community workers bravely shoulder the heavy burden, stick to their posts, and actively help the people solve problems.On January 30th, deputy chief of the district bureau of YunXiuZhen et visits condolences xinhua park community work personnel, for the community line workers sent condolences to materials such as milk, and ask for details of the community work personnel’s work and life situation, to the community staff a year in community governance, and epidemic prevention and control work of the hard work and selfless dedication.Community staff have expressed their gratitude to the district Bureau of Justice for the care, care and support of community staff, we will stick to the post, with feelings to solve problems, protect the health of residents, to ensure that the residents of the area of peace and harmony during the holiday.Editorial: Yu Hainan Review: Zhang Liang

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