How much do Koreans like China?There are red flags and we need to be vigilant

According to the Global Times, a poll released by The South Korean media shows that the South Korean people have a favorable view of the United States, with an average rating of more than seven points.In contrast, their favorability rating of China dropped sharply to about 2.6, with a large number of people giving it a straight zero.As a result, “anti-Chinese” and “anti-Chinese” sentiments are spreading among the Korean people.In response, some Korean university experts warned that “anti-China sentiment in South Korea is very dangerous”.The recent Winter Olympics in Beijing is said to have contributed to the rapid rise of anti-China sentiment in The Korean public.The performers dressed in Korean costumes at the opening ceremony stimulated the sensitive “national pride” of some South Koreans. After all, The South Korean people always have a strong confidence in “Korean wave” culture, traditional clothing and food culture, and do not allow other countries to “steal”.Experts also pointed out that This year marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and South Korea, and South Korea should seize the opportunity to make efforts for the future of china-South Korea relations, instead of trying to find ways to oppose China.It may not be clear to many that South Korea is highly dependent on China economically.According to statistics, South Korea’s export to China increased by 31.8 percent in 2021. It can be said that without the Chinese market, South Korea’s rapid economic development would not have been possible.To promote the healthy and positive development of China-South Korea relations is of great benefit to the future of South Korea, so it should face up to the evil tendencies of “anti-China” and “exclusion of China” among the people, which should become an important task for the Blue House.Moreover, from a fair point of view, whether the Chinese sichuan kimchi or the Korean nationality, are part of the Indigenous Chinese culture.As for South Korea, it has been influenced by traditional Chinese culture since ancient times. Hanbok is a national costume improved by South Koreans on the basis of absorbing the cultural symbols of Chinese Hanbok. How can it be said that “China steals South Korean culture”?Therefore, irresponsible brainless reasoning and self-regard that ignores reality are the root cause of the serious anti-China sentiment among the Korean people, and they should deeply reflect on themselves.More importantly, such sentiments can easily be exploited by political forces to undermine China-South Korea relations.If the ROK is really a “big country” as it boasts, it should have the pattern and quality that people of a big country should have and view relations with China rationally.A large number of South Koreans now have a bad impression of China, which is a dangerous signal.For the long-term development of China-South Korea relations and the long-term peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula, the Presidential office of Cheong Wa Dae should take measures to change this unfavorable situation as soon as possible.

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