Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team happy New Year photo released!Zhou Xinyi return zhang Changning absence, Zhang Chen into the coaching staff

With the arrival of the Spring Festival, all the teams have released New Year’s greetings videos and photos to express their gratitude to the fans.Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team, a fan favorite in China, also took part in the event, using numbers from 1 to 9 to express their blessings.Through the happy New Year photo, we can find that Jiangsu women’s Volleyball team has a new change.In the 21-22 league season, jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team made a big adjustment in the position of the auxiliary attack. The former veteran players such as Wang Chenyue and Jiang Qianwen all left the team, and even zhou Xinyi of the Mesozoic era did not participate in the league.Zhou xinyi’s name was included in the 20-player roster, but she did not participate in the team’s training or external matches.Without Zhou Xinyi, jiangsu women’s volleyball team can only use a new man on the side attack line, although the performance of the new man is very good, Yang Jia and Wan Ziyue are ranked in the league block top ten.But to the final game, the side attack immature, attack means of a single weakness was exposed.If Jiangsu women’s volleyball team wants to go further, the problem of the auxiliary attack position must be solved.Fortunately, through the New Year photo, we found the former deputy zhou Xinyi figure, which also indicates that Zhou Xinyi has returned.Zhou xinyi’s height is not high, but she is one of the jiangsu women’s volleyball team’s few tough side attack, can play a sharp no.2 back fly attack.In the team two attack rounds, Zhou Xinyi’s back fly is the ferry sharp weapon, now several small players due to physical fitness, their spiking strength and waist strength are not as good as Zhou Xinyi, unable to hold up the team two attack task.Zhou xinyi’s return to the team can be said to deepen the Jiangsu women’s volleyball side attack line.But it is a pity that zhang Changning, the core player, did not return.Zhang changning missed the tournament because of surgery.Through the late rehabilitation treatment, Zhang Changning knee injury and leg injury has been restored, the reason not to return to the team, I am afraid or personal trip.I estimate that after the Spring Festival, Zhang Changning will return to jiangsu Women’s volleyball training.Although Zhang Changning did not return to the team, her brother Zhang Chen did appear in the coaching play.Zhang Chen was the leader of the Jiangsu men’s Volleyball team and the Chinese men’s Volleyball team, and was the core of the team at his peak.But as zhang grew older, he gradually became a substitute, and his game changed from a violent slam to a backstroke and a hang.After finishing the task of the National Games, Zhang Chen chose to retire. He thought he would work as a coach of men’s volleyball, but unexpectedly he changed track to become a teaching assistant of women’s volleyball.With zhang Chen’s guidance, the main attack line of Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team will become more and more comprehensive. After all, Zhang Chen’s defense ability and one-pass ability are quite outstanding.In the new cycle, Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team is still a youth force that should not be underestimated in The Chinese volleyball circle.

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