No red envelopes for Chinese New Year?Master Kong drinks next red envelope rain for you

Unconsciously came to the Spring Festival, before the Chinese New Year always feel that they are still a child, what do not have to worry about can also get the elders of the red envelope.As time goes by, now the person at the dinner table has become himself. Is this the cost of growing up?I don’t want to grow up at all!(Mostly because they don’t want to spend money) and every time relatives give red envelopes in the same old-fashioned way, either by stuffing money in tai Chi style or by using wechat groups for the best luck, this copy-and-paste New Year is really enough!In addition to this kind of red envelope, which you can guess with your eyes closed, “unlimited questioning” from relatives has become one of the most feared things for young people during the Spring Festival.In order to avoid the death of the sister-in-law three even ask, some friends are willing to hide in the corner open “.”Stealth feature”;”But the downside is that after a party your relatives have no idea whose child you are, and you can expect a lecture when you get home.In order to avoid the above scene, taste sister specially searched for a New Year secret book – Master Kong drinks red envelopes rain, for everyone’s New Year add some joy add some material!As long as you have this secret, you will be able to easily take the atmosphere of the Spring Festival party, go to where the laughter with where, no longer need to use the invisible people skills.Master Kong drinks red envelope rain secret, only 3 steps can get cash red envelope, don’t spend money red envelope rain, who can resist it?The fall time of the New Year red envelope rain of Master Kong drinks falls between January 27th and February 2nd, which is just the peak of the Spring Festival party.When relatives ask you a difficult question, you can say, “I found a fun way to get a red envelope.”To distract them.One move to defeat the enemy at the same time for others to leave the impression of “this kid is really good”, this move is really killing two birds with one stone!Secret step 2: open the micro channel chat interface trigger secret super convenient, just open the micro channel chat interface, whether it is a family chat group or a single chat interface can be used, want to send to who send!Secret step 3: enter the password in the dialog box any input one of the words click send.?Swipe left and right to see?When everyone else is sending the same “Happy New Year” message, you just need to tap the screen and enter the code, and the red envelope rain will float slowly down from the chat interface to your eyes. While delivering your New Year greetings, you can also successfully summon the red envelope rain. This operation is really hard to stop!Learn these 3 simple steps and you’ll have the upper hand at the New Year party!Relatives often ask “How did you get this red envelope?”Then you can reveal to them, let the red envelope rain on everyone’s screen, we grab red envelopes together!Product elder sister will win the favor of the family, absolute guarantee that the move can harvest a great compliment and also have a red envelope with free, there is not much losses against the wave ~ talk quietly tell you a little secret, the red rain master kong drinks during the activities can be repeated trigger, the inside of the prizes in addition to the cash bonus and “cover” master kong drinks the year of the tiger New Year red envelopes,Wearing a new limited edition dress for the New Year, you will stand out from the crowd. I have to say, Master Kong drinks really understand the Spring Festival!Not only the red envelope rain activity created in the New Year is very interesting, but also their own drinks are good and cheap, the New Year theme packaging is also super festive, the party does not carry a few barrels to the dinner table is not acceptable!Break the traditional way of celebrating the Spring Festival and mobilize your family to grab red envelopes in different ways. This Spring Festival, let master Kong drink add New Year’s flavor to you and trigger the red envelope rain to win prizes!END

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