Be sure to pick up the phone!But these don’t ask

Recently, some people received phone follow-up about the epidemic. Some people said that the caller ID is a personal mobile phone number. Is it fraud?A big thumbs up for the alert guys!But in fact, the current epidemic situation is grim and complex flow verification work is racing against time to speed up the call to the public to answer the relevant questions one minute early screening, early elimination of hidden dangers!What exactly is a “flow tune”?What does a stream ask?What is its role in epidemic prevention and control?How should the public cooperate?What is flow modulation?What exactly do you do?Epidemiological investigation is a very important work in the prevention and control of infectious diseases.(In layman’s terms, the CDC investigates people for possible infection.)The valuable information collected by epidemiological surveillance is crucial to effectively contain the epidemic.01 Trace the source of infection and find potential close contacts of the case;02 Stream information is the basis of medical isolation and observation.Important basic data sources for descriptive/analytical epidemiology;Mining information, discovering the law of disease transmission, and controlling the spread of the epidemic;An important source of information for scientific decision-making in the health sector;To put it simply, liudiao is a Vlog, which depicts the hero’s life bit by bit: traveling, eating, taking photos, punching in…To put it more bluntly, flow is about figuring out where you’ve been, who you’ve met, and what happened at every significant moment in your past.In technical terms, it is important to understand the epidemiological distribution of infectious diseases in order to discover patterns, take measures, and control outbreaks.What information do I need?If you receive a call from a caller, you may have been in close contact with someone recently diagnosed or infected, but you do not know where you have been, so the caller will ask you for the following information to track the spread of the virus.01 Personal Information What is your family name?Who are they?How old are you?Where do you live?There are several people……(Not an account check, but probably more detailed than the account check.)Where did you travel?The road?Places I’ve been to…Where is your hometown?Went back to live not……Close Contact with passengers, close communication, family members, colleagues and classmates, playing friends, onlookers…(Close contact will be scientifically determined by public health professionals.)Have you ever lived in the affected area by plane, train, bus or ship?(Please stay at home during the epidemic.)Other Necessary information Any information useful for disease prevention and control.In short, flow is about figuring out whether paths, people, and things that happened to you in important times in the past have the potential to spread disease or the risk of being infected. Flow is about clearing the fog and finding out the truth.Please be sure to cooperate. It needs to be reminded that after identifying themselves, the staff will ask for the above information, but will not ask questions related to the spread of disease, such as property. 3.Privacy is absolute!With so much information to obtain, some may ask, will privacy be protected?Privacy is absolute!All information obtained by the liudiao is strictly confidential. The protection of personal privacy is required by medical ethics and professional ethics, as well as the explicit provisions of the law, and is the premise of all medical activities.Like clinicians, accurate disease information is the only way to make correct diagnosis and treatment.Only by obtaining real and effective information about the population can we scientifically assess the epidemic situation and take correct prevention and control measures!Therefore, if the flow of personnel to visit or telephone flow, please be active, cooperation, trust!It is worth noting that the dispatcher will never ask the following questions: 1.Send a QR code for you to scan for any reason 3. Ask for your bank card number, password or verification code 4.Send a link for any reason to get you to click 5. Promote any product or ask you to pay for any reason 6.Ask you to join the QQ group and wechat group for any reason 7. Ask you to transfer money and “check funds” for any reason. If the above situation occurs, the other party may not be the real transfer member.Be sure to cooperate to provide accurate information deliberately concealing the situation not only harm themselves and others caused the spread of the epidemic will be punished according to law and regulations encountered flow, please take the initiative, cooperation, trust source: Hohhot Night News

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