“Emperor Wudi’s Sacrifice to Huangling” in Maoling Museum

In October of the first year of Yuanfeng (110 BC), Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty summoned 12 generals and 180,000 troops to visit the Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor after patrolling the border in the north.Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty huangling ancestor worship is different from the past, showing his unparalleled heroic temperament.In the first year of Yuanfeng (110 BC), Emperor Wudi set out from the military command center of Linguang Palace in Yunyang (now Liangwudi Village, Chunhua County, Shaanxi Province) and headed north along the qin Straight Road.Along the way, banners fly, morale is high, and horses whinnying.The army line to the border, The Emperor sent vassal Guo Ji to xiongnu under the table “…The southeast area is all smooth, south Yue solid king head has been hanging in the north que.If Shan Yu can fight, Si and Han Wenzi will come to fight in person.”At that time, When Wei Er Dan yu died, his son – son Uwei Dan yu succeeded to the throne, read the challenge of emperor Wudi, dare not speak, dare not send troops, can only be afraid.In order to save time, the army led by Emperor Wudi did not return to Beijing by the original route, but from the south of Yan ‘an straight to Qiaoshan (now Qiaoshan in Huangling County).Emperor Wudi saw bridge hill at the top of a tall and majestic mound.Before he got off and walked, he saw a stone tablet, on the book “ancient Xuanyuan Yellow Emperor Bridge Mausoleum” several characters, immediately asked accompanying personnel: “I heard the Yellow Emperor is immortal, why there is yellow Emperor tomb here?”Sun Gongqing, the official accompanying him, hurriedly told emperor Wudi, “The Yellow Emperor took tongshoushan mountain and cast ding Jingshan mountain.After the tripod, Tiangong sent the dragon to welcome the Ascension of the Yellow Emperor, with more than 70 people harem and ministers.There are also many small ministers, caught the dragon beard, yellow emperor’s skirt, also want to follow the yellow Emperor ascended to heaven.At that moment, it was time for the dragon to soar into the sky, and the Yellow Emperor ascended into the sky.The yellow Emperor’s clothes, which the minister pulled off, are buried here.So this is the Tomb of the Yellow Emperor.”Hearing this, emperor Wudi looked up to heaven and heaved a sigh: “Excuse!I am as honest as the Yellow Emperor.”Then he ordered to stop marching and build “Pray Sendai” (now known as Hanwu Sendai).The sun rose on the second day of sendai, Emperor Wudi ordered 180,000 troops, lined up bridge Hill, Majiashan, Yintai Mountain, palace music four.Each soldier stood in silence.Emperor Wudi took off his armor and hung it on a cypress tree, walking alone to “pray for immortality”, always the yellow Emperor, two to pray to the yellow Emperor himself also want to live forever, and the yellow Emperor, the future immortal, ascended to heaven by the dragon.After the ceremony, the leader returned to Chang ‘an that day.This is thousands of years for people to spread the story of “180,000 troops offering sacrifices to huangling”.When he built “pray for sendai” hung armor cypress, called “hang armour cypress”, are left to future generations to look forward to the past.(Contributed by Maoling Museum) [Editor: Liang Discipline Inspection Commission]

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