Feixi County economic development Zone Ziyun Lake area with a total investment of about 3.8 billion yuan to build 12 municipal roads

Feixi County Urban and Rural Construction Investment Group started the whole process engineering consultation of ziyun Lake area development project in Feixi County, with a total investment of about 3.8 billion yuan, including 12 municipal roads, with a total length of 19,335 meters and a red line of 24-45 meters wide.Ziyun Lake Culture and Sports Park, the overall planning area of 1.072,500 square meters.The total construction area of the new home settlement site C is about 460,000 square meters, and the motor vehicle storage area is about 760.91 million square meters.The planned service period is 6 years from the date of signing the contract, and the whole process of engineering consulting services, including cost consulting, BIM consulting, project supervision, project management and third-party testing.The third-party test only covers area C of the new home settlement, Jinqiao Road (Yuanheng Avenue – Yulan Avenue), Qingshuihe Road, Dabaidian Road, Jinqiao Road (Zipengshan Road – Yulan Avenue), Sunji Road and Ziyun Lake Cultural and Sports Park.Due to the tight construction period of the project, the list control price of four roads, namely Sidaohe Road, Pingtianpu Road, Qingshuihe Road and Dabaidian Road, shall be prepared separately by the tenderee.

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