Folk tale: The family saw two people dressed in coarse clothes, do not let the door, unexpected young master went out to meet

In ancient times, there were two people standing in front of the gate of Luoyang City, looking at the magnificent city wall and sighing.One, dressed in coarse cloth and with a toolbox hanging over his left shoulder, was the carpenter Yang Shan.The other was also dressed in coarse linen, with a pig knife hanging at his side. This man was hong Xiaoqi, the butcher.Yang Shan sighed, “Luoyang is indeed the capital of the Eastern Han Dynasty. It is really magnificent.””It’s really magnificent,” Hong said.But Brother Yang, let’s go to town and have a nice meal.I lost weight because OF the weather and rough sleeping.”Yang Shan smiled and said, “You know how to eat.Come on, let’s go to town.”Two of them squeezed into the crowd.Yang Shan was a few months older than Hong, so Hong called him Yang Da Jie.After the two entered the city of Luoyang, they saw many jianghu.Hong xiaoqi said: “tomorrow is golden knife villa Gold old man’s big birthday, so many people should be to give him a birthday.Brother Yang, do you think it is because of his excellent martial skills that so many people come from thousands of miles to celebrate his birthday?”Yang Shan replied, “Of course, it is not because of his high martial arts skills, but because of his chivalry and courage, which won the respect of his fellow martial arts practitioners in the world’s rivers and rivers, so many people volunteered to celebrate his birthday.You and I should follow Kim’s example when we walk in the world.Must not because will point martial arts on bullying, so will be martial arts fellow spurned.”Hong Xiaoqi listened and nodded.Two people walk while chatting, came to a restaurant in front of.Small two enthusiastically come forward to greet a way: “two objective, is to have a meal?Come in.”Hong Xiaoqi said: “Yes, there is no vacant table, quickly lead us to?I’m so hungry I’m back and chest.”So small two lead two people into the restaurant, Yang Shan saw there have been a lot of people here to eat, the lobby only an empty table.The mistress is leading them to the empty table.Suddenly, a figure passed by and a breeze began to blow.A man in a black robe had already seated himself at the table and called to the door: “Brother Luo, there is a place here. Come here quickly.”Through the door came three men, dressed like the man in the black robe.The chief was a tall, powerful man with a long sword behind him.The other two, lagging a step behind, said gallantly: “Brother Luo, are you hungry?Li Chun has reserved a table for you. Let’s hurry there.”Headed by the man dot walked past.Seeing this, Hong xiaoqi was very upset and rushed up to Li Chun and shouted: “Do you know how to come first and come later? Obviously we came first, but you have the audacity to occupy our table. Hurry out of the way, this is our table.”Li Chun looked at Hong with disdain and said, “A butcher earns a few yuan a month, yet you dare to eat in a restaurant. Can you afford it?I’d better hurry to the street stalls and eat noodles, so I won’t get beaten up later for my overlord meal.”Hong Xiaoqi angrily way: “where come of wild dog, eyes are long to the back of the head?What do you care if I have money? Get out of my way.Although this knife on my waist is for killing pigs, it can be used for slaughtering dogs as well.”Hearing this, Li Chun became furious and pulled out his longsword behind him with a loud sound.Hong Xiaoqi also took out a pig knife, for a time the two sides at dagger dagger.Small two urgent advise way: “two elder ye, must not fight here.If you disturb the other guests and smash the tables and chairs, the shopkeeper will definitely blame you. At that time, the young will lose his job. I have both my parents and my children, and the whole family depends on me to support them.Yang Shan pulled Hong Xiao Qi and said: “Xiao Qi, forget it, don’t have common knowledge with such people.For the sake of the younger brother, let’s give it to them.”The leading man came over and said, “Li, don’t be rude.”He bowed his hand to Yang Shan and Hong Xiao Qi and said, “Luo Hao, a disciple of the Songshan School of Lower Songshan, it was my younger brother who spoke too freely just now. I hope you will forgive me.Look, I’ll give you two ounces of silver, and you can eat somewhere else. Don’t make it difficult.”After saying this, he winked at a junior teacher behind him, who took out two ounces of silver and put it into Hong’s hands.Hong Xiaoqi said, “Well, for your sake, I’ll give you the table.”Say that finish, and Yang Shan left the restaurant.Two people at a small stall, a simple meal, and then came to an inn to stay.Hong xiaoqi said, “Luo Hao, of the Songshan school, is a good man. Two ounces of silver can feed and shelter us for a month.Unlike his younger brother, he was contemptuous and tyrannical.”Yang Shan said: “Xiao Qi, don’t mess with that Luo Hao in the future, he is not easy to talk to.”Puzzled, Hong xiaoqi asked: “Why is that?”Yang Shan explained, “Birds of a feather flock together. You know not the company, but the company you keep.Look at the way luo Hao’s younger brothers behave, they must be used to bullying in everyday life.Without Luo Ho’s consent, they wouldn’t have dared.From the way luo Hao’s younger brothers behave, we can see that his nature is also as tyrannical.But he knows how to pretend, he knows how to hide, he is a hypocrite.Such a man is more sophisticated and dangerous, so don’t mess with him when you meet him.”Hong xiaoqi said, “Brother Yang, this is just your guess, they may not be as you said.”Yang Shan asked, “Guess what I would have done if you had taken someone’s table today?”Hong shook her head.”Of course it’s the right thing to apologize first and then give the table back,” Yang said.And lo Ho, is he even remotely willing to go back to the table?He actually connived in what his younger brother was doing.”Hong Xiaoqi thought for a while, then realized: “Or Yang Eldest brother you look at people’s eyes high.”Suddenly, Hong xiaoqi remembered another thing and asked, “Yang, what did you say about those two guys we saved this morning?We saved them, but they won’t tell us who they are.”Yang Shan smile way: “where have two son elder brother, among them have a female dress up as a man of, you don’t smell her body to have a child rouge gouache flavour?”Hong shook his head and said, “I didn’t notice.”Yang Shan said: “You did not see that man’s skin is fair and tender, long wen wen is weak, but there is a beard on his face, obviously very unnatural, the beard must be stuck on.”Hong said, “The man has a beautiful face. If he took off his beard, he would be a great beauty.”Yang Shan smile way: “is your boy moved?”Hong xiaoqi replied, “Yes, I don’t even know what kind of person she is.”Yang Shan said, “The leader in black is using the black wind palm. The besiegers should be from the Black Wind Palace.The Temple of Black Wind has done a lot of evil, and the people they hurt are mostly good people, I think.When I saw the girl leave, I looked back at you, and that look was very different. You might be in luck.”Hong Xiaoqi, a little shy, scratched his head and said, “Yang, you’re making fun of me again.We were standing next to each other, and she must have looked back at you.”Yang Shan smiled bitterly and said, “I am a lame carpenter.Besides, you saved her life.When a man in black was cutting at her, you were the one protecting her with a pig knife.Critical moment, is you embrace her waist, embrace her dodge, avoid two black men flanked attack.So that girl probably likes you.”Hong Xiaoqi was embarrassed by Yang Shan and coughed twice.He said, “Yang, it’s getting late.I’m going to bed. I’ve got to go to Golden Knife Heights tomorrow.”Then he went back to his room to rest.Yang Shan sat cross-legged and practiced the “Yin and Yang Sutra”.The next day, they got up and had something to eat. They went down the street and bought some presents. They were going to Goldknife Hill.They thought the Jindao Villa was in Luoyang city, but after inquiring with people, they knew it was in the outskirts of Luoyang city.So two people out of the city, toward the Golden knife villa.An hour later, they came to a hill.The heights were as large as a village.Yang Shan and Hong Xiaoqi follow behind in some rivers and lakes, slowly towards the gate of the golden knife Villa.The river’s lake personage in front walked into the door, Yang Shan and Hong Xiaoqi were blocked by a family member however.When his servant saw that they were dressed in coarse cloth, a carpenter and a butcher, he said, “You two cannot go in.””Why is that?” Asked Hong.The family member said, “The guests here are all rivers and lakes. You look too shabby. It looks like a scoundrel. if you want free food and drink, you’d better go somewhere else.”At this time a voice came: “Oh, a carpenter, a butcher, also don’t weigh their own a few catty a few two, dare to pretend to be a quack, really the forest is big what bird have.”Turning around, Hong xiaoqi saw that the speaker was Li Chun of the Songshan School.Hong Xiaoqi is trying to go up with Li Chun theory, but was blocked by Yang Shan down.Yang Shan whispered, “Today is senior Kim’s birthday. We must not make trouble here.”Songshan sent four people, a look of disdain at Yang Shan and Hong Xiao Qi, straight into the village.Yang Shan said to his servant, “We came here sincerely to celebrate senior Jin’s birthday, not to free food and drink. This is our present.”Then he handed the gift to the family member.When he saw one of the paintings, he said, “This is a fake painting. How much did you pay for it?”Hong Xiaoqi angrily way: “this painting, we spent thirty two to buy.”My patron looked them up and down again with a look of disbelief on his face.Just then, a young son came out.Happy tunnel: “the original is really two boon Mr, quickly please enter.”Bearer is gold grandfather’s grandson called Jin Ruoyun, that is, Yang Shan and hong Xiaoqi saved yesterday morning.Hong xiaoqi said, “If my family members don’t let me in, how can I dare to enter?”Jin Ruoyun to the dining-in-family boo way: “How can you neglect the guest?I think you should clean the latrines.”Hearing this, he almost went limp on the ground.”Master,” he begged, “I didn’t know they were your benefactors, so I was offended.Please forgive me this time?”Jin ruoyun said, “No matter whether they are my benefactor or not, since they are sincere to celebrate my grandfather’s birthday, you should not stop them from coming in.””Master, I know I’m wrong.”Again to Yang Shan and hong small seven apology: “two is I too snobbish, judge a person by appearance, I later certain correct state of mind, also ask you adult don’t remember mean person, help me beg beg?”Hong Xiaoqi smiled: “Aren’t you very proud just now?…”Hong Xiaoqi wanted to say more, but was stopped by Yang Shan.Xiao Qi said, “Don’t say any more.Now that he has acknowledged his mistake, he must be forgiven.”Hong xiaoqi said, “Brother Yang, you are too kind.””One should be generous to others,” Yang said. “I believe that what goes around comes around.”Then Yang Shan interceded for the housekeeper, Jin Ruoyun see in Yang Shan’s face, he spared the housekeeper.Later that home ding Thanksgiving plan, helped Yang Shan a lot, this is not to mention.Jin Ruoyun personally please Yang Shan and Hong Xiaoqi into the house, while walking said: “yesterday is really thanks to the two little xia rescue, yesterday did not show the identity really sorry.”The original yesterday Jin Ruoyun and sister Jin Ruolan, with several guards secretly ran out to play, was attacked by the black wind hall.Jin Ruoyun brother and sister kung fu flatly, in several guards were put down by black people, black people surrounded them.See two people will be caught, in this critical moment, happened to be on the road Yang Shan and Hong Xiaoqi met, they helped away the black people.Jin Ruoyun out of caution, did not indicate the identity, just with two people said thank you, took her sister dressed as a man to leave.Yang shan asked, “Kim, how did you know we were coming and greet us at the gate?”Jin Ruoyun replied, “WHEN I was inside, I called out to my guests. I heard song Shan’s men talking about a carpenter and a butcher at the door.I guessed it was you, so I came out.”Yang Shan this suddenly realize: “so.”(Chapter 10, wonderful story and see next decomposition, the following chapter in the creation will be updated, you can enter the author’s home page to watch the previous chapter.)The author said: this is a long serialized story, the title of the carpenter’s Adventure.It is mainly about a carpenter to save his mother’s life, during which he will encounter many disasters.Although the hero experienced a variety of hardships, but can always maintain a kind heart, finally successfully rescued his mother to find the truth.

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