Leaders of Xingan League Mongolian Hospital visited hospitalized patients and frontline medical staff on New Year’s Eve

The New Year’s Eve is filled with a happy atmosphere of festivity and family reunion.However, there are still a lot of medical staff give up the holiday reunion time, stick to their own work, protect the health of patients.Over the years, the hospital has always insisted on sending Spring Festival greetings to Mongolian doctors who stick to their posts as soon as possible. Due to the special nature of their work, medical staff cannot enjoy the joy of reunion, but the warmth and spirit of The Hospital has never been absent.At 6 o ‘clock in the evening, the hospital leadership team members and some department heads came to each department to visit the medical staff who stick to their posts on New Year’s Eve, and sent the most sincere greetings and blessings to everyone.Each to a place, the comfort group and the worker cordial talk, ask the work situation and the patient’s condition, thank you for the hospital and the patient’s hard work to pay, asked on duty medical staff to earnestly do a good job in medical emergency and disease treatment, for the whole league people through a healthy and auspicious New Year’s day to do a good job.In order to let the staff who stick to their posts and can’t go home for reunion on New Year’s Eve feel the warm feeling of “hospital like home”, the canteen staff of the hospital made dumplings early on New Year’s Eve, and the New Year’s Eve dinner prepared by the General Affairs Department was more delicious and nutritious.The hot New Year’s Eve dinner is the hospital’s heavy care for the staff, warm and harmonious care, but also a heartfelt blessing.So age tonight, the end of the world at this time.The kind care and sympathy made everyone feel warm. In such a special night, in this place closest to life, the busy medical staff with the original heart of doctors, busy sweat, filled with happy smiles, stick to their posts.(By Sumu Ya Sukun)

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