Popcorn in memory: 40 years ago, he almost broke his leg over a half-pan of corn

Wen: low-key happiness figure: big common photography just saw a video on the Internet, a henan hebi big ye popcorn in the street, because forgot to hang the bag, the blast smoke, popcorn, some netizens commented that the best science-fiction film director also could not guide the field effect, look at this funny scene, reminds me of the memory in the depth of the popcorn.When I was a child, my father always sighed, “You are lucky. After you were born, our family has enough food to eat, unlike your sister who did not even have enough to eat when she was young.”Indeed, in rural China in the late 1970s, getting enough to eat was considered a miracle by many.In my childhood memory, corn has always been the staple food in my family. I remember one day when I came home from school in the first grade. Eager to find food at home, I asked my father, “What is there to eat at home?”Father pulled into the tone told me: “there are big – cake” I was suddenly excited, unexpectedly father’s last word export “- son”, time has passed for decades, then the sense of loss I still remember.Corn was the staple food of the rural people, but its taste was not so delicious, and the only way to make it delicious was to use it in popcorn.In my memory, the popcorn maker always appeared at dusk, most of the time slowly riding a big hose bicycle with a laundry basket containing his popcorn kit hanging from a hanger on the back.With a long voice like my father saying, “Bao-mi-hwa-yo.”At that time, children did not have cartoons, nor did they have game consoles, the popcorn shout could attract half a village of children, we a large group of children followed him, quite a bit of the feeling of the stars.Whenever the housewife came out to inquire, he would kick two old tires used for braking and stop to answer. After the deal, he would find a relatively open place to set up the equipment. What he admired most at that time was the very long bag he used to put popcorn.The housewife brought some corn from the house and put it in the calabash container where he kept his popcorn. She watched him slowly pull the bellows and turn the popcorn machine, and we kids watched him intently for the loud bang.After the bang, the smoke filled the air, and most of the corn went into the bag prepared, occasionally the bag was not tight, or there was a hole, a few popcorn would slip through the net and fall into the open.These have become our delicious, but the Wolf is meaty and less, most of the original few leaky popcorn will be trampled thin and broken in people’s crazy grab, really can eat popcorn lucky few.Smell the smell of popcorn have already put the lazier, hook up, then ran home thy mother, hope mother can be lenient, approved the own desire to eat popcorn, most of the time is disappointed, occasionally can get approved, with dustpan of corn have walk on the road, looking at friends envy eyes, got a perfect score in that kind of feeling than more carefree.All village friends have enviable opportunities, with the exception of Xiao Shun.Xiao Shun’s father was unable to work due to polio, and his mother managed the family and family by herself, often with the help of his uncle and uncle to barely eat.There couldn’t be any extra grain in the house to give him popcorn.One evening, Xiaoshun argued with other children to grab the popcorn that had escaped from the net. “Your poor popcorn has never exploded, why do you rob others’ rice to eat?”The children taunted him.Small shun ran home in tears, while his mother’s relatives, steal from home out of the half measures of corn, such as his mother came back found withered corn into a chubby popcorn, giving fire emit three zhangs, seized the broom on the kang will beat him, realized through the disaster along the run, chase after his mother, he ran in the front,He accidentally fell into a two-meter ditch and couldn’t move at the time.His mother rushed over to hold him and cried bitterly: “My son, it’s not that my mother doesn’t love you, but our life…”Xiao Shun also shed tears, partly because of the pain and partly because of the difficulty of her mother.Fortunately, xiaoshun only sprained her foot. After a few days, she didn’t have any other problems.More than 40 years have passed in a flash, and the villagers’ life is getting better and better. The popcorn and those who sold sesame oil and dyed clothes came into people’s memory together.A few days ago, he and Xiaoshun were drinking together. He also talked about the story of stealing corn and popcorn in those days. “Time is gone forever, and the past can only be recalled”.

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