Shanghai stock station 3400 points, this unit has been continuously killed 40%, the old shareholders are also in tears

Today was the first day of trading since the beginning of the New Year, and the Shanghai Composite index ended the day on a high note.Ostensibly up 68 points, 47 stocks actually fell by the daily limit, not including those that fell more than 7%.So, such market, is still some tears some joy.From the stock limit, many of them a word board limit.Among them there is a kill pig dish, the main set with lure more attract retail investors.In the day after the entry limit closed, and then 3 consecutive word board limit, so that you have no chance to escape.This stock is a Hualian, from the following day K line, the unit after a wave, did not continue to call back, but is the choice of a strong attack, give a person an illusion.Where is this banker bad, bad is in the second day after trading stop drop.If you are a low buy retail, after rising in a row, you will certainly think that this is the head of the negative, so, the probability is not run.This is right in the middle of the banker’s plan, in the emergence of three word board limit, not to say the profit is gone, but also upside.Therefore, retail investors should never easily clod, because clod may make you lose your mind and think that this is a new Jiuan Medical.How to avoid this situation, I think the need to remember a word, is not so many waves, there is no so many monster.You may be lucky to get caught, but when you inflate, the back is easy to stick out.So, in the market always have to hold a heart of awe, small waves do not stir.Those in charge will always be the big trend.

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