Su Qing, the former head of Huawei Intelligent driving, was fired for his “Tesla kills” remarks

On January 26, In response to the resignation of Su Qing, the former president of Huawei intelligent driving product line, Huawei told China Business News that Su Qing has indeed left Huawei CAR BU.”We thank Su Qing for her contribution to Chebu and wish su Qing well.”According to public information, Su Qing is a veteran of Huawei’s R&D system. He once led the development of Huawei Da Vinci AI chip architecture, and later served as president and chief architect of Huawei’s BU intelligent driving product line.However, on July 27 last year, Huawei issued an internal document on the personnel adjustment of the car business, replacing Su Qing as the head of the Intelligent driving Product Department and transferring him to the reserve team to receive training and distribution. Bian Honglin succeeded Su Qing as the new head of the intelligent driving Product Department.On the reason for the dismissal, Huawei responded:”My company smart car solution BU su wellknown in external activities about automated driving technology and safety, for tesla, improper comments, Sue wellknown has its deep personal inappropriate comments for review, but given its comments caused bad influence, my company decided to revoke Sue wellknown smart car solution BU minister intelligent driving products division.Su Qing will go to the strategic reserve team to receive training and assignment.”At an event in July last year, Su Qing said, “The accident rate of Tesla is quite high in recent years, and the type of accident is very similar from the first person killed to the latest person killed.”It can be seen from the context at that time that What Su Qing hoped to release to the outside world was the need for people to be in awe of technology, but this statement gradually fermented after continuous interpretation.”I heard that this comment even affected the patent agreement negotiations between Huawei and Tesla.”People close to Huawei told reporters that the auto track, which is expected by Huawei to be responsible for ecological migration and locomotive, is too aggressive and makes enemies is not conducive to the current development, which has also caused controversy within Huawei.Su Qing’s successor is also an old huawei employee Bian Honglin.The reporter learned from huawei that Bian Honglin was the president of hardware engineering and Product Development management Department of Consumer BG and also the CTO of Consumer BG.In addition to Bian, Li Wenguang, vice president of huawei’s consumer BG mobile phone product line, also took up a post in BU and was appointed vice director of the Intelligent driving Product Department.”Since last year, most of the moves have come from the core group of CONSUMER BG and the right-hand men of Yu (Yu Chengdong).”Said the person close to Huawei.At the time of the personnel change, some key positions of the former Huawei Car BU also lost, including Chen Qi, the former head of huawei’s autonomous driving R&D department, she Xiaoli, the chief functional safety expert of Huawei car BU, and many other managers left last year to join Gekton, NiO and other car companies.There was news that Su Qing will join Nio after leaving, but was su Qing himself refuted rumors.In the latest rumors, Su Qing will join the vw joint venture with part of huawei’s original BU team, but this news has not been confirmed.The automobile industry is one of the most disruptive industries in the next decade, and it is also the business that Huawei attaches the most importance to at present.In May 2019, Huawei established intelligent Vehicle Business Division, namely intelligent vehicle BU.The positioning of automobile BU is to provide incremental parts for automobile enterprises and help them build good cars. To sum up, automobile BU provides several categories of product solutions, including “Family barrel” inside solution, including intelligent electronic control, intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit, as well as ADS, automatic driving software and hardware system solution, and individual parts.At present, Huawei has launched two new energy vehicles in cooperation with Xiaokang Siris, SiRIS Huawei Smart Option SF5 and AITO Wenjie M5, which will be released in April and December 2021 respectively.As for the business of Che BU, Xu Zhijun, huawei’s rotating chairman, told reporters at the Global Analyst conference in April last year that There were 30 million cars in China every year, and there would be more in the future. Even if we only do the Chinese market, the annual average income of 10,000 yuan from each car would be enough.As for the “business of selling cars”, Yu Chengdong, huawei’s managing director, CEO of consumer business and CEO of intelligent vehicle solutions business unit, said in an interview in January that Huawei will challenge the sales target of 300,000 cars annually in 2022, and the annual sales of cooperative car companies will reach 100 billion yuan.”Why is Huawei selling cars?”Yu said there are three reasons: On the one hand, after the sanctions on Huawei, shipments of high-end phones fell sharply due to the lack of 5G chips, and selling cars can help retailers survive and make money., on the other hand, the current retail formats into a retail network for the center with stores and online, if the car companies completely from scratch to the market as the core system of retail, rent cost, manpower cost is very expensive, and with the help of existing retail system and service network, huawei can help automakers save a lot of the cost of the retail channel network laid,It will also drive the large-scale sales of BU parts and achieve a win-win situation.Yu chengdong also said that huawei’s brand marketing ability, retail channel capacity and product competitiveness can support the sales target of 300,000 units. However, considering that the product has just climbed the slope, there are huge risks in the supply chain and serious shortage of products in the industry, it is still not a small challenge.The first finance and economics,

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