What operation?SE officially banned Final Fantasy: Origins for violation of the title

ARPG’s Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin goes on sale this Friday, March 18, but pre-order players can get an early taste of the game right now.However, I don’t know why, SE recently issued a very unusual routine announcement, warning pre-purchase players not to broadcast and publish any game after the completion of the content, the most coquetry is that this restriction seems to be officially released after the application.SE seems to be trying to preserve the story as much as possible until the game is released.As a result, SE went so far as to warn that broadcasters who show too much game content could face the consequences of being removed or banned, though it did not elaborate on the exact consequences.In addition, the ban has been extended “indefinitely”, not just until the game is released, meaning that even after the game is released, players will not be able to create content related to playthroughs, endings, etc.This has caused disdain from foreign players and anchors, and even some broadcasters directly cancelled the pre-purchase of the game and refused to live the game completely.”I assume the restrictions will be lifted when the game is officially open to everyone on the 18th?””No.I think so too, and SE illustrates that even after release, these limitations remain.”

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