Why did Lu Chuan ask Zhou Bingkun to ask Zhou Bingyi?What is his grievance?

“Distance produces beauty” is a famous proposition of aesthetics. It says that people must keep a specific and appropriate distance in the process of appreciating the beauty of nature.Such as time distance and space distance.Otherwise, it will affect and weaken the effect of aesthetic subjects.This phrase can also be used as a metaphor for the relationship between people.However, in the TV series “The World”, we can see that lu Chuan has become distant from people around him since he entered college, but people’s good memories of him have disappeared.What causes this?Why did Xiao Guoqing lose his temper with Lu Chuan?By actors mine better sound, XinBaiQing, song jia, YanTao, yongdai ding, taisheng Chen na, chun-li song, wang Yang joint in modern urban drama “in the present, hit in the plot has been updated, we will see, in the party of” six little gentleman “, XiaoGuoQing unexpectedly to Lv Chuan angry for no apparent reason, eventually led to the party end.Estimates, a lot of audiences are very do not understand, always silent Xiao Guoqing, why to Lyuchuan angry?In my opinion, Xiao Guoqing will be angry with Lv Chuan, xiao Guoqing heart grudges for a long time.Why do you say that?That’s because “six little gentlemen” organize a party every third day.However, Lv Chuan did not attend.He has been to only one party since he entered college.That is in the old leadership qu Xiuzhen home held that.So, in the eyes of Xiao Guoqing, Lv Chuan did not put a few other people in the eyes.How does Lu Chuan view the circle of friends of “six little gentlemen”?In fact, Lu Chuan has become extremely snobbish since he entered the university.Why do you say that?That is because he has kept a proper distance from several other “gentlemen” since he entered the university.In the updated episode, we find that Lu chuan only attends a party held at the home of the old leader qu Xiuzhen.Later, Lv Chuan completely withdrew from the “six small gentleman” circle of friends.Until now, Lv Chuan met with everyone again.It is said that “beauty comes from distance”. However, the distance between Lv Chuan and others has been established, but his beauty has been lost.You know, what Lu chuan said at the party, for others, is “gobbledygook, formulaic, empty talk”.They did not find comfort in Lu Chuan’s words.Crucially, Lu talked about his parents.This let Xiao Guoqing heart is not the taste, to know xiao Guoqing’s father was frozen to death.In the past, this would have been a tragedy.However, Lv Chuan is still inculcating for them not to see, touch the soul chicken soup.This led to the scene in the play.Why did Lu Chuan ask Zhou Bingkun to find Zhou Bingyi?In the updated episode, we see that Chow wants to talk to Lu Chuan after he drops him off at his hotel.But it was rejected by Lv Chuan.It is estimated that many viewers do not understand why Lu Chuan asked Zhou Bingkun to find Zhou Bingyi.In my opinion, the reason why Lu Chuan said so was because He met a wall with Zhou Bingyi.I don’t know if you remember?Lu chuan once said that there were a lot of people handling affairs during festivals, but he was the leader of Beijing. As the saying goes, “It is better for county officials to be in charge now.”To help others, Lu turned to Zhou Bingyi, the vice mayor of Jichun city.And Lv Chuan can feel his grievance, because Zhou Bingyi did not help Lv Chuan solve any problems.Perhaps it was for this reason that Lu did not get together with his family this Spring Festival.He could only attend the “six Little Gentlemen” party.Who would like to, but xiao Guoqing was scolded.And this is also the reason why Lv Chuan left without saying goodbye.This picture comes from the network. I don’t know what you think of the role of Lu Chuan.Welcome to leave your comments.

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