Why is monogamy supposed to protect men

This time the Chinese New Year at home carefree boring, so after the various types of drama, forget which historical play, is one of the pieces are a emperor concubines, three thousand, but it is not the one, in order to figure the clean, have to excuse in royal study has something to do, go to bed at night in the royal study, see here can not help but laugh,This is similar to the life of many middle-aged men around me. It is already time to go off work, but they find an excuse to sit in the company for a while, play with mobile phones or watch TV dramas, and enjoy the feeling of leisure.When I think of these similar experiences, I shake my head and smile wryly. I suddenly feel that monogamy is doing its best to protect men’s physical and mental health.Married women will slowly as together of the time and is becoming more and more verbose and complain, each, complaining about the length of the different complain for reasons that are similar, such as not love quiet, often end regardless of the home, money is not much, not romantic enough to his wife, and so on, all in all a man wants to be able to work to make money, but also has a certain social status, to care, often to a childHousework should also be done regularly, from time to time to give his wife a sense of romantic ceremony, etc., can only be summed up in one sentence, men are very difficult.So I think monogamy is for the protection of men. If you are allowed to have more wives, you will need more energy to earn money to support your family, take care of more children and appease more family members. The end result is that you are tired and run for your life.Most ordinary men hope monogamy, after all, it is hard enough to find a wife, and it is also hard to raise a wife, let alone raise more, so equality between men and women is best.

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