Egypt will get a project to produce hydrogen from 300, 000 tonnes of rubbish a year

A new Egyptian project will produce 300,000 tonnes of green hydrogen gas a year from waste, the developer of H2-Industries said today (31 January).Garbage hydrogen production technology has great potential in the market, helping to solve two environmental factors;Hydrogen production for clean energy and electricity and accumulation of waste.The waste-to-hydrogen plant, developed by H2-Industries, will be “one of the largest of its kind” and will be located in the Suez Canal economic zone, the company said.The 1GW production plant will supply 4 million tonnes of organic and non-recyclable waste annually, which is anchored at the Canal’s Mediterranean entrance.The cost of hydrogen will also be an important aspect of the project, which is expected to be half the cost of leveling current green hydrogen production technologies, making it cheaper than low-carbon and grey hydrogen production.”This is an exciting opportunity to convert a large amount of waste collected in Egypt into green hydrogen,” said Michael Stusch, Executive Chairman of H2-Industries.”The waste-to-hydrogen plant is a breakthrough in making green hydrogen economically viable, not only helping to reduce global carbon emissions, but also reducing pollution and damage to the country’s water resources.”

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