Is mercury reverse making you restless?

We can’t avoid Mercury retrograde, but we can take steps to reduce the stress it causes us by doing some conscious activities.If the energy of Mercury retrograde is making you tired, here are five things you can do to relieve yourself.Journaling is a great way to get any cluttered thoughts down on paper before bed so they don’t keep you up at night.Studies show that writing down your to-do list for the next day can help you fall asleep faster, so if you feel like you haven’t been getting enough sleep, grab a journal before bed and write down your plans for the next day.2. Eat more Fruits and Vegetables Eating more fresh fruits, especially leafy greens, and less greasy or heavy meat can help you take the stress of your daily life in stride — an important trick when Mercury is retrograde.3. Get Your Body Moving Moving is one of the easiest ways to combat stress and promote peace.Exercise helps regulate the nervous system and we can really rely on our bodies as an effective tool for reducing stress.You can take a relaxing yoga class, a high-intensity HIIT workout, or just take a walk around the neighborhood.Research on mindful walking has shown that the simple act of walking can also be effective in reducing stress and improving overall quality of life.4. Being out in nature with Mercury retrograde can also bring things from the past into the present, making us doubt ourselves and even think the same questions over and over again.When we can’t get rid of our thoughts, one of the best ways is to go outside.So lace up your shoes, get outside, get some fresh air and clear your head.5. Stay off social media Last but not least, Mercury retrograde can be misleading, especially when it comes to digital and technology.So it’s time to cut back or stay away from social media.Stop scrolling, comparing yourself to others in your circle of friends, and checking up on your ex.You have enough on your plate already!

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