Jiangyan, Taizhou, Jiangsu: “Look back” on the rectification of barrier-free facilities

The Jiangyan District Procuratorate of Taizhou city, Jiangsu Province, has launched a “look back” campaign to improve barrier-free facilities in communities under its jurisdiction in order to protect the rights of disabled people, the elderly and other special groups.In December 2021, jiangyan district procuratorate public interest litigation these teams in the area under its jurisdiction area of the disabled, the elderly, and other special groups to carry out the investigation on the construction of barrier-free facilities, found that multiple district exists blind road occupied, residential elevator is not set armrest, inward and outward in public places without slope, leading to special groups exist great travel security hidden danger.In view of the problems found in the investigation, the institute communicated with the district Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau in a timely manner, and made and issued the inspection proposal, urging it to perform the duty of providing barrier-free service facilities and maintenance management for the community in accordance with the law.After receiving the procuratorial suggestions, the District Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau took the lead in the province’s housing and construction system to carry out a special campaign to improve barrier-free facilities in the community.After carrying out a blanket investigation of the whole area, urge residential property management to build and repair barrier-free facilities.At present, most communities have reached the road, elevator barrier-free facilities construction requirements.”There are handrails and mirrors in the elevator, so it’s much safer to hold on to the handrails.”In the day community huang da Ye comfortably smiled.Next, Jiangyan District Procuratorate will continue to play the procuratorial and supervision function of administrative public interest litigation, and protect the vital interests of the masses with judicial power.Source: Justice Network

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