Luoyang citizens during the Spring Festival to buy color roof guaqiao enthusiasm high

The outstanding feature of China sports Lottery is its fast drawing speed and quick opening.With the speed of clicking a payment code, it is easy to scratch an instant lottery ticket, and with an excited cry, the prize can be instantly cashed.At present, instant lottery is a kind of game product with the largest variety and the fastest updating speed on the sports lottery market in China. It will update the face and gameplay according to different time nodes.Color top scraping with its novel design, simple gameplay, easy to win the lottery and other characteristics by the majority of buyers love;And with beautiful appearance, the use of accurate marketing activities is easier to open the market of young people, to bring more small happiness for their life.In commercial streets, cinemas and other public places, the establishment of small choxing convenience stores and exquisite outdoor sales vehicles, has become an important way of instant lottery publicity.As the ancient capital of thirteen dynasties, Luoyang has always been the vane and clock-in place of festival folk culture in the Central Plains with its rich cultural deposits and glorious history.During the Spring Festival, Jin Longtao of luoyang jianxi district 4103055620 entity store agent seized the holiday opportunity, during the market break, carry out outside account sales, effectively publicized the instant lottery.He set up two tents in front of the store, two sales tables, but also homemade banners, in the tent hung red lanterns, hanging flags, creating a thick festive atmosphere, is the store “small lucky”, the store outside the thick spring ah!From the first day to the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, the people who came to scrape are also in an endless stream.Combined with the top scraping prize in Luoyang branch center, the Spring Festival sales is better than usual.Jin longtao said that after the epidemic ends, he will continue to organize and carry out off-account sales activities, and invite nearby physical stores to participate in sales, and do his best to contribute to the charity of lick block.(Editing by Ji Xiaoping in Rui Ya)

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