More than 3.7 billion yuan in 3 days!Are you involved in this big project?

China’s film market got off to a good start on the Year of the Tiger during the Spring Festival, raking in 1.443 billion yuan on The first day of the year of the Tiger on Feb 1, 2022, despite the strict implementation of the epidemic prevention and control requirements that cinema attendance rate should not exceed 75% and cinemas in medium – and high-risk areas should not be opened temporarily.Beacon Professional edition data shows that at 15:05 on February 2, 2022, the 2022 annual box office (including pre-sales) broke 5 billion!The latest figures show that as of 23:30 PM on Feb 3, the total box office of the holiday season reached 3.737 billion yuan.”Sniper”, “jin long lake water gate bridge of films such as the focus in the war to resist U.S. aggression and subjects, and the miracle, stupid kid” four seas “the killer is not very calm, the bears, returning to the earth” pleasant goat and Wolffy basket out of the future “” tiger mound heroes” and so on a film, provide a variety of subjects and rich types for the audience viewing options.Statistics from the State Film Administration show that there are more than 80,000 screens in China’s film market. Convenient and comfortable conditions for watching movies have made watching movies a cultural consumption choice for Chinese residents and a New Year custom for Chinese people.Completely crying!All of a sudden, “All the apes are gone!”Sky-high NFT head stolen, loss up to 18 million!1350-fold increase in half a year. What happened?

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