“My favorite winter Olympic village bean buns, I eat 6 a day.”

The only Maltese Winter Olympian to eat them: They are my favourite food in the village and I eat six of them a day.The women’s snowboard halfpipe qualifying competition took place at The Zhangjiakou Genting Ski Park in Zhangjiakou on February 9, Beijing time.While paying attention to China’s “four golden flowers” CAI Xuetong, Liu Jiayu, Qiu Leng and Wu Shaotong, netizens also caught a foreign “foodie”, Jenise Spiteri of Malta, in front of the camera.She made a mistake and fell down in the first round, but she was smiling and in good spirits as she waited for the score.Moments later, Janice pulls half a bean packet out of her pocket, eats it one bite at a time, and gives the camera a thumbs-up.Seeing the cute scene, many netizens said that she really enjoyed the Winter Olympics competition.In the end, Janice ranked 21st and did not qualify for the final.Although her performance was not ideal, her optimistic attitude left a deep impression on the audience.Janice said after the game that the red bean stuffed buns were her favorite food in the village, and she would eat six of them every day, two each for morning, afternoon and evening.Today, however, she had a poor appetite in the morning due to pre-race nerves, so she put one in her bag and half in her pocket.After the first round, Janice finally had the chance to eat the bean bags. “When I was waiting for my grades, I realized I still had the bean bags!So I decided to heal myself with some sweetness.”In fact, anyone who watched the opening ceremony will be familiar with Janice, especially with her distinctive hair color.As Malta’s flag-bearer and the only member of the country’s delegation to compete, Janice showed her lively side early on, bouncing into the stadium with excitement on her face.”It was so exciting to walk into such a big stadium for the opening ceremony. I would have thought I was dreaming if I didn’t have the video to prove it.””She wrote on social media.Janice was born in San Francisco in 1992 to a Maltese father and an American mother, according to The Times of Malta.Influenced by her mother, who was a former professional figure skater, Janice became involved in ice sports from an early age and was taken to the rink when she was 15 months old.As for why she didn’t choose skating as a career, it was entirely by accident that a ski billboard ignited her passion for snowboarding.”It was the first time I saw a sponsored skier and I wanted to be like that from then on.”At the time, however, Janice was just a novice skier and could not even control steering proficiently.She took a semester off to learn movement and compete in every competition she could in order to join her school’s ski team.By the end of the semester, when she had won five podiums, “my father realized I was serious.”Like many skiers, Janice had to overcome injuries, finances and other issues to pursue her dream.She told reporters that she sleeps in a cold van for months of the year to pay for rent and coaches to travel to tournaments around the world.In the meantime, she’ll hike up the mountain with her gear on to save on the cable car ride. “It’s really bad, and there’s nothing I can do about it.But it made me stronger.”In addition to being a tough cookie, Janice is also a very optimistic person.In an interview at practice, Janice said she couldn’t hire a coach to accompany her the whole time like other athletes. She laughed and said, “I talk to myself.”The Times of Malta described Janice standing in the crowd as determined, tenacious and focused, accompanied by chocolate biscuits and a desire to achieve her goals.”There were times when I wanted to give up when the obstacles became insurmountable.But at the end OF the day, I always tell myself that I have to find a way to solve the problem after I have done so much.”On January 18, Beijing time, Janice, who competes in points competitions around the world, announced on social media that she has finally qualified for the Beijing Winter Olympics.”I can’t believe I’m going to Beijing!The journey to qualify for the Olympics was much harder than I expected, but I am proud that I persevered and that I have finally earned the opportunity to represent Malta in the Winter Olympics.”On February 9 (Beijing time), Janis officially set foot on her first Winter Olympics. Although she failed to qualify, it was easy to see from her smile that she really enjoyed it.As she said before the competition, “I want to show my strength in the halfpipe, and if I think I’m doing well, THEN I’m proud of it.I don’t want to put pressure on myself and just want to enjoy the game.”Net source | observer

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