New Year is coming, Auchan X7PLUS will accompany you to celebrate the New Year!

Good morning, the New Year is coming soon, changan Auchan is here to give your family a happy early year in advance!Far away from home people have rushed home, I believe that everyone is anxious to go home, hoping to see their families and children early, heavy luggage on the way home, whether it is by high-speed rail or car, dragging luggage is not convenient!Changan Auchan X7PLUS can help you to solve the problem of going home, Changan Auchan X7PLUS not only color in line with the aesthetic of modern young people, style is novel and diverse!During the New Year, visiting relatives and friends is an annual project for Chinese people. Having an Auchan X7PLUS to accompany you on your journey will keep you warm and make you look good in front of relatives and friends!

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