On the front line of epidemic prevention and control, volunteers have built a tight “red line”, the most beautiful “volunteer red”, so that citizens feel reassured

“Volunteer red” has always been on the frontline of the fight against the epidemic.Assisting nucleic acid sampling, actively serving the masses…Since the outbreak of “0131” in Shenzhen, bright “volunteer red” has always been seen in the frontline of epidemic prevention and control in Shenzhen.Recently, the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Shenzhen Volunteers’ Federation (Municipal Volunteers’ Federation) called on volunteers to build a strict “red defense line” in epidemic prevention.At the call of the Communist Youth League, volunteers from all walks of life, including Party and government organs, public welfare organizations and communities, put on “volunteer red” and participated in front-line anti-epidemic work.They shine like “stars all over the sky” in hospitals, nucleic acid sampling sites, road traffic sites, and the public, demonstrating the responsibility of shenzhen volunteers and building a heart-warming defense line for epidemic prevention and control in Shenzhen.During the Spring Festival, shenzhen “Volunteer Red” participated in epidemic prevention work in Bao ‘an District People’s Hospital.As long as there is a need, people come huang Xiaolian is a veteran volunteer.She joined the volunteer service team in Bao ‘an in 2013 and is now the deputy head of health U Station of Bao ‘an District People’s Hospital. She has been stationed in Bao ‘an District People’s Hospital for a long time, coordinating and carrying out volunteer work.Throughout the Spring Festival, she volunteered at bao ‘an District People’s Hospital.On the third day of the lunar New Year, Huang Xiaolian was very busy.After the outbreak, volunteer work increased.As the backbone of volunteers in Bao ‘an District People’s Hospital, she was needed for the allocation of hospital volunteer positions, the shortage of staff at nucleic acid sampling site, and the training of new volunteers.”Do you need more men?””What should I pay attention to when assisting on site?””Do you need a negative nucleic acid certificate for 48 hours?”…These questions were the “buzzwords” of her day.In the face of the sudden epidemic prevention and control measures, more people queued up for nucleic acid testing.On the third day of the Lunar New Year, more people came to bao ‘an People’s Hospital for sampling. In addition, the shortage of manpower during the Spring Festival added a lot of pressure to the sampling work of the hospital.One understanding, the original many citizens do not know the park nearby there is a nucleic acid sampling site, have come to the hospital.How to do?Get volunteers to help!Everyone is running to the hospital, the scene is short of manpower, nucleic acid sampling, guidance, order maintenance……The personnel on site are “under a lot of pressure”.Urgent return urgent, calm down, Huang Xiaolian immediately communication and coordination, ready to deploy volunteers, additional on-site manpower, but also ready to deal with the next complex heavy work tasks.In less than a moment, the newly added 4 volunteers Chen LAN, Yang Yufei, Zhu Jieqing, Deng Baoqi will be in place.Some of them are party members, some are pensioners, and some are medical students…Wearing red cuffs and waistcoats, they began to get busy.Explain the work to the public, guide the masses to sweep the code, maintain the order of the scene……Volunteer work is not easy, though it is to help.After queuing at the hospital, many citizens wondered why they had to go to the park.This is when the patient explanation of the volunteers is especially important.”That is also the sampling point of the hospital.” “There are too many people in line here, and the waiting time may be long…”After their gentle and patient explanation, many citizens showed understanding and went to a nucleic acid sampling site in a nearby park to take samples.”Volunteer Red” has never been absent during the battle against the epidemic.Like Hwang, there are many volunteers who stick to their posts.”Please scan the code to register and keep a distance of one meter.”This is what volunteer Yang Yufei says most every day.She is a stay-at-home mother who did not return to her hometown this Spring Festival.Despite her heavy family duties, she has been working as a volunteer from the first to the sixth day of the Chinese New Year.Three hours in the morning, three hours in the afternoon, home, nucleic acid sampling site on both sides of the run, thunder did not move.In the nucleic acid sampling scene, there are many old people do not know how to operate mobile phones, Yang Yufei patiently teach them how to click step by step to find nucleic acid sampling code.”The public have been very supportive of what we are doing and many of them say thank you when they leave.”Volunteer Yang Yufei said it was her heartwarming moment.As a key volunteer, Huang is often moved by the spirit of the volunteers.Volunteer Chen LAN, a retiree, is also a “red vest” at the nucleic acid sampling site in Xin ‘an Park.This Spring Festival, 60 years old, she also worked as a volunteer for six days.Maintain order on site, guide crowd diversion……These tasks have become part of her daily routine.In Huang Xiaolian’s opinion, although the number of citizens sampled recently increased, the workload increased, but did not hear Chen LAN said a word to rest.”Although I am retired, I am in good health. Give me a ‘red vest’ and I can roll up my sleeves and work hard!”Chen lai said.Hard is really hard, moved is really moved.When some citizens see the volunteers busy, they warmly say, I feel relieved to see you.”With your help, the epidemic will surely pass as soon as possible.”Obviously, “volunteer red” pay, has gathered a warm current, quietly warm everyone’s heart.Huang xiaolian told the Shenzhen Evening News that despite the cold weather this Spring Festival, the volunteers were very enthusiastic and gave up their holidays to fight at the grassroots level to contribute to epidemic prevention and control.We believe that we will soon prevail over this new round of epidemic.Source: Shenzhen + Read: Yu Fanghua

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