Tianjin improves price subsidy mechanism to help poor people meet their basic needs

In order to implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council on reforming and improving the social assistance system, and effectively do a good job in ensuring the basic living standards of people in need, a few days ago,General office of the municipal government issued the on further improve the social assistance and security standard pegged to the price linkage mechanism of the implementation opinions “(hereinafter referred to as” implementation opinion “), to further expand the scope of protection, optimization start condition and the subsidy way, implement difficult people basic life safeguard level and the economic and social development “TongPinGongZhen”,We will continue to enhance the sense of gain, happiness and security of people in need.”The implementation opinions” clearly, the price linkage mechanism safeguard object of subsidies for: urban and rural subsistence allowances objects, strands personnel, of low eligible for low-income families rescue edge of family members, people receiving unemployment insurance compensation, enjoy regular state pension subsidies for entitled groups, as well as orphans, the fact that no one raised children, HIV infection of children.The linkage mechanism of price subsidies will be launched on a monthly basis, and temporary price subsidies will be granted on a monthly basis.When the SCPI of low-income urban residents rises by 2% in a single month or the food price of the CPI rises by 6% in a single month, the linkage mechanism of price subsidies will be activated and temporary price subsidies will be issued.When the above two conditions are not met, the linkage mechanism of price subsidies shall be suspended and temporary price subsidies shall be stopped.The temporary price subsidy standard is calculated on a monthly basis, specifically as follows: The temporary price subsidy standard = the urban and rural subsistence allowance standard of The City × the year-on-year increase of SCPI, which is rounded to YUAN.The minimum standard for temporary price subsidies shall be set. If the calculated temporary price subsidy standard is less than 30 yuan, a temporary price subsidy of 30 yuan shall be granted on the premise that the joint price subsidy mechanism meets the conditions for launching.The Implementation Opinions specify the distribution method.Temporary price subsidies for people who receive unemployment insurance compensation shall be paid by the human resources and social security departments according to the channels of unemployment insurance compensation;The temporary price subsidies for entitled groups who enjoy regular state subsidies shall be provided by the departments of veterans affairs, while the temporary price subsidies for other groups shall be provided by the civil affairs departments together with the issuance of relevant subsidies.And the municipal development and reform commission on the “implementation of the opinion” background, purpose and revision of the content to understand reading.As early as 2008, The city took the lead in China in establishing a linkage mechanism for price subsidies. In 2011, the policy was revised and improved, and the Circular on Further Improving the Linkage Mechanism for Price Increases of Basic Necessities and Living Subsidies for Poor People was issued.Over the years, the linkage mechanism of price subsidies has played a positive role in alleviating the impact of price increases on the basic lives of people in need.In accordance with the state’s deployment, the city has further improved the linkage mechanism of price subsidies in order to effectively guarantee the basic living conditions of people in need.There are three major revisions: One is to expand the scope of the insured.On the basis of the original price subsidy linkage mechanism in Zhuhai, orphans, children with no one to support them, and children infected with HIV/AIDS are included in the protection scope. At the same time, the key privileged groups are revised to be entitled groups who enjoy regular subsidies from the state.Second, modify the startup conditions.The linkage mechanism for price subsidies will be activated if one of two conditions is met: the monthly increase in the basic living expenses index (SCPI) for low-income urban residents reaches 2% or the monthly increase in food prices in the consumer Price Index (CPI) reaches 6%.Third, we will revise the standard measurement method of subsidies and set minimum standards for granting subsidies.After the revision, the temporary price subsidy standard is: per person per month temporary price subsidy standard = urban and rural subsistence allowance standard × year-on-year increase of SCPI. On the premise of meeting the start-up conditions, the minimum price subsidy per person per month is 30 yuan.Professor Wen Zhiqiang, vice president of the National Governance Institute of Tianjin Normal University, believes that the city will further improve the linkage policy of price subsidies to meet the needs of the people and reflect the concern for people’s livelihood.”The newly issued Implementation Guidelines have revised the calculation method of subsidy standards and set a minimum standard for the payment of subsidies, which can more accurately reflect the impact of price increases on the lives of people in need.After the policy adjustment, the threshold has been lowered, the start-up conditions have been more sensitive, the scope of the application has been expanded, and the social assistance coverage has been wider, benefiting more low-income people.”The city will further strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen departmental consultation mechanisms, optimize working procedures, and ensure that price subsidies are timely and fully distributed to the needy.Source: Tianjin Daily

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