Vera Wang: 72 years old, billions of dollars, fair skin, girly figure, 7 years in love with her boyfriend

Every year when you watch the Academy Awards, you are amazed by the beauty and the handsomeness of the artists. You see them being spotlit and interviewed by so many people. You feel like they are all in the limelight, surrounded by so many people.In fact, it is not, more amazing is that they wear Chinese designer Vera Wang designed clothes.But it’s not just the Oscars, other big events like the Emmys, the Golden Globes, the artists getting off the bus, walking the red carpet, he or she could be wearing vera Wang’s designs, showing you vera Wang’s work.Wang Weiwei, born in 1949, was born in a Chinese American family in New York. For her looks, she is not very amazing, but she has certain recognition, but she will be reborn. Her family environment is good.Her mother worked as a translator for the United Nations, so she put a lot of effort into dressing up, meeting important people and attending important events, and often taking her to fancy fashion shows.Do not need to arrange painstakingly, her life foreshadowing is influenced by osmosis nurturance.Although she was often taken to fashion shows by her mother and grew up in such an environment, she did not decide that she would be a designer in the future. Instead, she took up skating and achieved good results, ranking first in the youth group.Skating was a hobby she developed as a child, and this hobby also laid the groundwork for her love at the age of 63.At the age of 19, she moved to Paris with her parents to live in the city of romance, and the fashion capital has since provided her with a connection to the influences of her childhood, paving the way for her future designers.After graduating from college, at the tender age of 23, she was lucky enough to land a job as an editor of VOGUE magazine and began working as an intern at an influential international fashion magazine.In two years, she became the editor of this magazine from a little intern. Relying on her own efforts, talent and artistic influence, she became the youngest fashion editor with a certain influence and enough talents, and still had a senior generation.It can be seen that the home environment is very important, the mother is willing to dress up, willing to take their children four director of knowledge, will chase the fashion circle, these are very important content.During her transition from French Vogue to American Vogue, Wang met her rival in her career campaign, Anna.Wintour.This woman can be said to be a ruthless Angle, has a certain influence in the fashion circle, the fashion industry, most people know her, so in the election of the United States section of the fashion editor, because Anna.Because of wintour’s own traffic, Wang failed to win the election and lost the list.Wang Weiwei, a competitive thief, could not bear grievance, so she resigned to express her resentment.The year she quit was 1985, by which time she had worked at Vogue magazine for 16 years, how many years one person 16 years, she had devoted all of her youth to the magazine, and finally resigned to pay tribute to that time.In 1988, Wang entered the famous fashion brand – Ralph Lauren, because of her previous experience, so she became the director of clothing design, and finally to smooth out her own ideas.In 1989, as she was about to enter the marriage stage, Vera Wang’s wonderful life began.Wang’s husband, Arthur Baker, is a golf businessman, so his financial resources are not to be underestimated.The wedding banquet also invited a considerable number of powerful fashion circle figures, film and television circles and influential media.After all, it is in fashion magazines and served as a costume design director, so their wedding dress must be different.But throughout a lot of wedding shops, she did not move.Therefore, she decided to design a wedding dress as her own dress, she wanted to be different from the popular style of the time, because most of the European aristocratic style was complicated and troublesome, so she designed a simple style for herself, but without losing the noble and elegant beauty.Sure enough, her wedding dress became the center of attention, because it was a breath of fresh air at the time, so in the second year of marriage, she opened her own couture bridal shop, Vera Wang.In 1994, she established Vera Wang as a bridal brand.Having worked in the fashion industry for so many years, she could naturally maintain her own bridal shop with the connections she had accumulated over the years, but what she wanted was international recognition.Just in 1998, her friend, a new female entertainer – Sharon Stone, will go to the Academy Awards ceremony, out of friendship, so she wore vera Wang’s long lavender dress to the stage.When Sharon Stone came out sexy, new designer Vera Wang succeeded in the fire.Her wedding dresses are popular not only with celebrities, but also with the daughters of politicians.Although Vera Wang’s wedding dress brand typically costs between 40,000 and 90,000 yuan, celebrities and the rich and powerful can’t afford a custom-made wedding dress.When Tony Leung married Carina Lau, Carina Lau was wearing a Vera Wang dress costing 300,000 yuan, Ying Chaier’s wedding dress cost 400,000 yuan, and other celebrity friends’ expensive prices.Like, is this a wedding dress? Is this not a walking coin?Vera Wang’s clothes extended her network from fashion to politics and made her a billionaire.In 2018, her wealth was estimated at 4 billion yuan, but she has no biological children.Vera Wang, who has designed numerous wedding dresses and gained some fame, did not design her marriage well, and finally divorced her husband in 2012 with her adopted daughter.In fact, when she designed the dark wedding dress, we can also foresee her dark marriage life at the moment.But in the later launch of the red wedding dress, it is on behalf of her to regain the confidence of love, to pursue love again.After the divorce, she fell in love with the 27-year-old champion skater — Resacek, although there is a certain age distance, but the champion cried out, this is true love.Could this be an effort to continue her childhood skating dream?But there is no denying the fact that skating and her destiny.Her sartorial journey also took her to the sports world.In fact, she made a name for herself in the sports world by designing the uniforms for U.S. skating star Nancy Skater and for the U.S. women’s team in 1992.But the love between the designer and the skating champion can’t last seven years.In 2019, they broke up amicably. Since they can’t give each other happiness, they might as well let go. After all, there is no age difference.Leishancek later married a Vera Wang wedding dress, presumably to let him be happy.Now, although Wang is 72 years old, she still keeps her figure in good shape, and many people call her a young girl.It is hard to hide the appearance of old age, but fortunately, the mood is good enough.Note: the picture originated from the network, infringement immediately deleted

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