A total of 12 major projects in Mawei were started, with a total investment of 13.754 billion yuan

Fuzhou Mawei New energy Equipment Intelligent Manufacturing Base project construction site.Reporter Ouyang Jinquan photo 7, in Mawei district, majiang Road, the former Donglian paper land, the provincial key project fuzhou Mawei new energy equipment intelligent manufacturing base project started construction.In order to promote the economic work of the district to get off to a good start and ensure a “good start” in the first quarter, Mawei District concentrated on the construction of 12 major projects in the first quarter, with a total investment of 13.754 billion yuan and an annual investment of 4.299 billion yuan.”The new energy storage industry is the key direction of mawei District’s industrial development during the 14th Five-year Plan period. The construction of the project will effectively promote the agglomeration of upstream and downstream enterprises of the new energy industry chain.”Horsetail, head of the district bureau of ministry, said the project total investment 6.8 billion yuan, a total construction area of 790000 square meters, the next two years plan first investment of 3 billion yuan RMB, the standardization of construction area of 270000 square meters, intelligent factories, as well as science and technology research and development center, the central intelligence, warehousing logistics center layout detection, advanced lithium-ion batteries energy storage, intelligent charging pile and other new energy equipment production line,To build a leading intelligent manufacturing base for new energy equipment in China.After the project is put into operation at the end of next year, it will be able to produce 10 million sets of new energy equipment annually, with an annual output value of 15 billion yuan.Mawei is the location of economic and technological development Zone, is the “window” of opening to the outside world and the “leading” of reform and innovation.This year, mawei district continuous inheritance “two genes” industry and innovation, focus and stronger iot, food processing, photovoltaic manufacturing, Marine engineering equipment and so on four main industrial chain, and at the same time the add pressure to cultivate excellent new energy and energy storage, the chain optometry 2, activate development, speed up the construction of modern international city fuzhou innovation leads the area.After years of development, Fujian’s new energy vehicle industry and distributed energy storage have achieved certain achievements, and mawei has also emerged related industries. Mawei enterprises have a certain say in the national new energy vehicle power battery testing field.Mawei grabs the opportunity of new energy storage and charging industry in the next few years to speed up the construction of new energy storage industrial park.Mawei concentrated on 12 major projects in the first quarter, including six industrial projects, five social livelihood projects and one infrastructure project, said an official with the Mawei District Development and Reform Bureau.Among them, two projects have been listed in the list of concentrated projects in the province. In addition to the new energy equipment intelligent manufacturing Base project, there is also the Mawei Yujin Cold chain Aquatic products processing logistics Industrial Park project relying on the construction of the national backbone cold chain logistics base.The project is a major measure to expand mawei’s Marine economy. With a total investment of 360 million yuan, the project will build 70,000 square meters of cold storage, processing workshop, supply chain platform, etc. After completion, the project can process and store 100,000 tons of aquatic products annually.In addition, the industrial projects started include The third phase of Fuzhou (Mawei) Wanyang Zhongchuang City, the factory line renovation and expansion of Fujian Guanbaijia Metal Products Co., LTD., the goods storage project of Yongxin Supply chain, and the replacement and renewal project of Datong enameled wire equipment.Mawei is also committed to improving the livelihood of the people, moving to build mawei to a new Warren campus, a total investment of 1.05 billion yuan, after the completion of 54 new high school classes.Mawei district will carry out comprehensive environmental improvement along the railway.The total investment of the project is 320 million yuan, with a total area of 56 hectares. The proposed renovation of the Scenic belt of Fuzhou-Ma Railway starts from the junction of Mawei Jin ‘an in the west and reaches Junzhu River in the east, with a length of about 13.5 kilometers. It will build plazas and parking areas, as well as train self-service supermarkets, train specialty restaurants, train hotels, train performing arts bars and other commercial supporting facilities.After the completion of the project, 1000 parking Spaces will be added to create a railway park with shipping characteristics and a link between the east and west of the city.The construction of Luoqi Xinyuan, Qingqingmei Apartment and 2022 Mawei Smart Park will also be started in Mawei.”Going forward, we will accelerate the construction of the project, put it into production as scheduled and generate more follow-up projects.”Mawei district chief said.During the Spring Festival, fuzhou’s first construction culture museum is located in fuzhou, Yongtai County, the hometown of traditional architecture. The museum will carry out 100-day action to improve the quality of standardized management on the construction site

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