Great reversal of China miracle!The United States and Russia at the same time foul out, short track speed skating first Gold Wang Mengshen commentary

Beijing time on February 5, the Winter Olympic Short track mixed team relay semifinal arrived today, but this time Wu Dajing led the Chinese team again all-out attack, finally thrilling to advance.This time the Chinese team and the Russian Olympic Committee, the United States Hungary team in the second group, and this group led by Wu Dajing, other teammates including Zhang Yuting, Qu Chunyu, Ren Ziwei.However, this time before the game, due to the substitution of the situation appeared, China’s Zhang Yuting is indeed strength and not imagined so strong, especially not fan Kexin strength so ruthless.Therefore, during the competition, China mixed short track speed skating team was always behind the situation, but during the competition, there was an unexpected situation on the field, mainly after the first round of the baton after a continuous jam, The Chinese team was interfered by the opponent.What’s more, our athletes were even blocked by the American players who entered the line ahead of time and interfered with the foul. They also had one player who should have been waiting for the baton and should not have interfered with the sliding of our Chinese players, but he did.So finally after the end of the game, the achievement of Hungary is 2 minutes, 38 seconds 052, the Chinese team is 2 minutes, 38 seconds 783, but because of the first two countries player all the foul, foul the Russian Olympic committee (ioc) and the United States, so this set of four teams is just only China and Hungary in the finals.At the end of the day we were slow because of force majeure, and there was a foul on the other side, which was quite dramatic.Therefore, China, Italy, Canada and Hungary are the final teams in Group A. This time, China definitely has A chance to challenge for A champion. We are also waiting for the birth of China’s four ACES to win the championship.It is worth mentioning that, just before the end of the mixed relay semifinal group 1, the ace of the Dutch team, China’s strong rival, Schulting fell in the process of the race, directly caused his team out of the top two.This is the uncertainty of short track speed skating. Not only do you need to be steady and strong, but more importantly, no matter how strong you are, it doesn’t matter if you slip or foul.The Chinese team had just broken the record and was almost out.Some people may doubt the result, but the commentator Wang Meng said: “If there is doubt, just look at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, how we were ruled out of the women’s 3,000 meters, you can see the problem from an overhead perspective.”On the other side of the huang Jianxiang guidance is also straight: “what you say is right.”

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