Jiang Bin, industry leader in Shandong Province: Promote the new generation of information technology industrial revolution, win the first opportunity by innovation

Goertek Inc. Chairman Jiang Bin was evaluated as “Shandong Province industry leader entrepreneur”. Weifang network · Poster news reporter Man Qianqian Lv Le reported that “Goertek is a private enterprise growing up in Weifang, this time by the provincial party Committee, the provincial government’s recognition, is a great spur and encouragement to us.Jiang Bin, chairman of Goertek Inc., was awarded the title of “Leading Entrepreneur in Shandong Province” at the 2022 Work Mobilization Conference of Shandong Province.Recently, The world’s leading brand evaluation agency BrandFinance released the “2022 Global Brand Value 500” list, and Goer shares was listed.At the same time, The “world’s Most Valuable 100 Technology Brands 2022” list was released by BrandFinance, and Goer was listed for the second consecutive year, rising to the 76th place from the 91st place in the world last year.”If you want to do it, do it first.”Jiang Bin did what he said.After more than 20 years of exploration and persistence, The sales volume of Goer microphone and speaker has achieved the first place in the world.The shipments of micro speakers/receivers, micro microphones, virtual/augmented reality, smart wearables, smart headphones and gamepads topped the world;Among MEMS (micro-electromechanical system) enterprises in the world, Goer ranks 6th, the only One in the top ten Chinese enterprises, and has ranked first in China for many consecutive years.In the interview, Jiang Bin did not talk too much about the success of the past, but straight to the theme, clearly stated, “grasp the market opportunities of the meta-universe, promote the new generation of information technology industrial revolution, focus on the entrance of the meta-universe hardware, win the initiative by innovation, strive to make Goer to a new level.”Jiang bin explained that in the past, the hardware platform in the era of mobile Internet was mainly mobile phones and tablets, while in the future, it will be arranged on wearable products such as glasses, watches and bracelets.The future of mobile phones is likely to be foldable to replace our personal computers, and future VIR-related products will be increasingly small, miniaturized, and mature.Jiang Bin revealed that Ge er has carried out technical cooperation with the world’s leading enterprises. After ten years of preparation, related industries will be in an explosive period in the next 3-5 years.In fact, in the semiconductor industry, Goer Is a particularly “low-key” in the impression of consumers, but in the industrial chain well-known enterprises.It is not only an important supplier of Apple’s wireless headsets, but also manufactures 70% of the world’s AR/VR headsets. It has even won exclusive contracts for high-end headsets from Oculus and SONY, all of which make Goel shares inextricably linked with the universe.According to the report of the Sotuyuan Universe Research Institute, it is not so much that the universe opened the way of seeking change for Goer Shares, as that its seeking change “collided” with the universe.With the release of Oculus Quest2 in 2020, the VR market returned to positive growth, with annual shipments surging to 6.7 million units, up 72% year-on-year.According to IDC data, it is expected that during 2020-2024, the average annual growth rate of global VR/AR product shipments will reach about 81.54%, and the global market size will reach nearly 500 billion yuan in 2024, with a total sales volume of 70 million units.It is worth noting that Goer has been involved in THE VR field since 2012, and now it has increased investment in RESEARCH and development. It has fully covered the VR industry chain and has one-stop r&d and manufacturing capability of VR headsets and related equipment.As early as 2016, it has established good OEM cooperation with VR/AR major manufacturers including SONY, Oculus, Pico, Huawei, Samsung, Kopin, etc. It is the most major OEM supplier of VR equipment in the world.On December 28, 2021, The application for listing Goerwei, a subsidiary of Goerwei, on gem has been accepted by Shenzhen Stock Exchange.Speed tuyuan space Research institute believes that The spin-off of The plan to go public for The company is an important move into the universe.The reporter learned that in the past five years, Goer has invested more than 13 billion yuan in RESEARCH and development and applied for 25,000 patents. At present, the investment in research and development has seen a return.In 2022, Jiang Bin believes that the most important thing is to increase investment in research and innovation. This year and the next two years will be crucial for Goer, especially this year will be the start year for Goer to lay a solid foundation and make full preparations for the coming new changes in the meta-universe.

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