Lantern King celebrates Lantern Festival in Hengdian, Zhejiang

Visitors in distinctive costumes display lanterns.Photo by Dong Yixin (Walking on the ground in Spring)On the occasion of the Lantern Festival of the Year of the Tiger, China News Network reporters in The Dream Valley of Hengdian World Studios, Dongyang City, Jinhua, Zhejiang province, “Jiangnan Folk Custom year” activities to see the scene,Scenic spot in the 25 meters long, 25 meters wide, 22 meters high “Tiger Leaping Dragon full Garden spring” lamp group – “tiger year lamp king” is very “eye-catching”, many tourists to punch.”In early January, we invited a team from Sichuan who specializes in making festive lanterns to produce the lantern King for the Year of the Tiger, which will be officially completed and open to the public around January 27.”Liu Rong, a staff member of Hengdian World Studios, said that due to the rainy weather during the Spring Festival, the number of tourists to experience the “Year of Folk Customs in the South of the Yangtze River” was not many. The weather cleared up in the past two days, and the number of tourists continued to increase, maintaining about 2,000 a day.Special actors interact with visitors.Yi Fan, a tourist, said, “We are from Ningbo, and every visit to Hengdian is very interesting.This time I put on special clothes to participate in the lantern fair. I really feel like I am in an ancient temple fair.”Recently, the local culture around the Year of the Tiger zodiac, prepared a variety of programs for tourists to enjoy the experience of the “Year of the Beast in the Spring Festival”, “Golden bang title” scene show, about 10,000 lanterns of different shapes.(

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