On the first day of the Spring Festival, 22 drivers successfully completed the “Learning method minus points”

On the first day of the Spring Festival on January 31, 22 drivers in Wuhan successfully completed the “learning method and reducing points” at the safety education and learning center of wuchang Vehicle Management Bureau by making an appointment in advance.Ma Xiansheng, a resident of Qingshan District, arrived at the Safety education and learning Center of Wuhan Motor Vehicle Administration Bureau in Shahu district of Wuchang at 10 am on March 31 through online reservation of “Traffic Management 12123” APP.Go to the door to scan the health code and check the temperature. After checking in on the “Traffic Management 12123” APP, the one-hour study begins.At 11:00, sign back on the APP to complete the “learning method minus marks”.The safety Education and Learning Center, built in 2021, covers an area of 1,500 square meters and covers 12 functional areas. It can accommodate 150 to 200 people at the same time.This is the first safety education base in the province to achieve the “offline learning method minus points”. People make an appointment through the “Traffic Management 12123” APP, and after arriving at the center, they can sign in on the spot. After continuing to complete the 1-hour traffic safety study, they can sign out on the spot.More than 600 people have completed the study and points reduction, which not only makes up for the gap of drivers’ re-education, but also continuously improves the comprehensive quality of traffic participants through the study and points reduction, effectively correcting the bad driving behavior of drivers.According to the person in charge of the vehicle administration: during the Spring Festival this year (January 31 to February 6), daily 10:00-16:00, the city traffic administration Bureau of vehicle safety education base open to the public (Wuchang District Friendship Avenue 314), welcome the public to experience.The traffic management department reminds: According to the requirements of normalizing epidemic prevention and control, the reservation scale will be controlled to a certain extent, please understand.Safety education and learning center has made epidemic prevention and elimination measures and explanation reception arrangements, please come to experience the driver to take the initiative to cooperate with the temperature measurement, safety and civilization learning visit.Correspondent: Zhang Zhenyu, Lin Jiawei, editor Ni Zhi

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