Open to the public during the May Day holiday, the National Bobsled Center will host a number of international events in the future

At the signing ceremony.Figure/national center for snowmobiles sled venue team Beijing news dispatch (reporter Wang Jisong) 20 February morning, state general administration of sports winter sports management center, the Beijing municipal sports bureau, Beijing yanqing district, Beijing BeiKong Beijing Olympic construction co., LTD., and the international federation of snow machines, just after the national center for snowmobiles sled sustainable utilization related matters, signed a memorandum of understanding.In the next five years, the National Bobsled Center will regularly host international Bobsled Federation events.It is said that in the coming season, the INTERNATIONAL Bobsleigh Federation will work with China to host World Cup events, plan and organize Asian Cup events and launch training camps.Ivo Ferriani, president of the International Bobsleigh Federation, spoke highly of China’s efforts in the construction of the facilities of the Winter Olympic Venues, the management of the venue operation team and the organization and operation of the events, and said that the INTERNATIONAL Bobsleigh Federation and China share the same goal in the sustainable use of the Legacy of the Winter Olympic Games.And will fully support the post-race utilization and development of the National Bobsled Center, so as to promote the development of ice and snow sports in China.Ivo Ferriani also said that although the competition is coming to an end, looking to the future, the cooperation between the INTERNATIONAL Bobsled Federation and China has just begun.Li Changzhou, deputy general manager of Beijing Beikong Jingao Construction Co., LTD., said the company will continue to make good use of the Winter Olympics team, cultivate talent and pass on experience.And continue to maintain the facilities of the venue, continue to do a good job of service for the follow-up events.Yanqing district deputy district chief, said ren Jiang Hao yanqing district will actively promote the international federation of snowmobiles top competitions, do a good job of support, make good use of Beijing Olympic heritage at the same time, the national center for snowmobiles sled will serve as the Olympic park, public open during the May Day, after the mass experience of the reserved area in the circuit, the follow-up will also be put into use.Reporter Wang Jisong editor Liu Jia proofread Zhao Lin

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