Peng Dehuai ordered 20 thousand to 70 thousand soldiers to hold the position, holding for 12 days and nights, more than 20 thousand soldiers of the 63rd army died in battle

The Korean War broke out in 1950.The United Nations forces led by the United States brazenly sent troops to The DPRK to interfere in its internal affairs by force.New China was just founded, on the issue of whether to send troops to Korea, differences are very big.Chairman MAO decided to send troops to Korea, resist the United States to aid Korea, to defend the country.If you go to Korea, you need someone.Chairman MAO’s first thought was of Su Yu, the “God of war”.However, Since the Huaihai War, Suyu had been in poor health and his head was always dizzy. After receiving the telegram from the chairman, he held on to his body and studied the issue of sending troops. However, his condition became worse in the later period.Chairman MAO’s second thought was of Lin Biao, but Comrade Lin Biao, on the question of sending troops to Korea, was not sure whether the United States with advanced weapons could be defeated, so he put forward his opposition.It was obvious that Lin Biao was no longer fit to be the commander of a volunteer army.Chairman MAO had no choice but to ask general Peng, who was far in the northwest, to leave the mountain.Peng Dehuai received the order, rushed to Zhongnanhai, readily accepted the order, as the commander and political commissaire of the Northeast Border Defense Army, set about the establishment of the northeast border Defense army command, which was later the volunteer army command.General Peng led the volunteers into the North, has organized a number of campaigns, effectively curb the American offensive momentum, the United States suffered the biggest blow since the Incheon landing, breaking MacArthur’s three months to end the war.In order to consolidate the gains made in the previous four battles and give the enemy a heavy blow, the volunteer army headquarters decided to launch the fifth campaign.In the first stage of the campaign, our army progressed smoothly, advancing more than ten kilometers to the enemy’s depth.After the attack began, peng Dehuai realized the seriousness of the problem with the reports of each unit, and our volunteers had fallen into the pockets carefully arranged by the enemy.Our volunteer army is at stake.Always calm Peng, at this time also anxious up, Peng always realized the seriousness of the problem, immediately to the Central Military Commission and Chairman MAO made a report.Chairman MAO, after receiving the telegram, analyzed the enemy’s situation at that time, and believed that the enemy’s target might be tieyuan, a logistics depot for volunteers. Once Tieyuan was lost, hundreds of thousands of volunteers would be in danger.Therefore, whether to defend Cheorwon became the key to the entire Korean battlefield.Cheorwon is the largest logistics depot of our volunteers, as well as the key road connecting the north and the south.Lichwee invented magnetic tactics that effectively depleted volunteer supplies in the early stages of the Fifth Campaign.It also made use of the rapid mobility of its armored forces to quickly penetrate into Tieyuan.Who captured Cheorwon first became the key to the victory of this battle, and even the whole Korean War.At this time, the nearest to Cheorwon is just after the war down to rest the 63rd army of the 19th Corps.Troops just after the war, serious attestation, the whole army only left more than 20,000 people, serious shortage of heavy weapons, but received general Peng asked the 63 army to stick to Tieyuan 15 to 20 days after the order, the whole army did not discount quickly to Tieyuan assembly, build fortifications.Although Lichwee invented magnetic tactics, the volunteers constitute effective damage.But it also has disadvantages, 63 army commander Fu Chongbi found the key to the problem, the enemy lost roads, mobility will be greatly reduced.Therefore, Fu chongbi ordered the 189th Division of the 63rd Army to break up into pieces and build defensive positions along both sides of the highway. The 8000-strong 189th Division formed more than 200 blocking positions on the mountains on both sides of the highway, effectively delaying the American attack.The United States did not dare to attack rashly, for fear of rashly after the attack, was cut off by volunteers.So it had to be cleared field by field, and as the tactics of the 189th division worked, other sibling units began to follow suit.Faced with the tactics of the volunteers, the AMERICANS had no choice but to step by step.Using their aircraft and artillery attacks, the Americans took turns bombing the volunteer positions.The firepower displayed by the Americans came to be known as “van Fleet ammunition”.The Americans want to break through our lines with their superior weapons.In spite of pouring out a large amount of ammunition, they failed to break through our lines.My brave volunteer soldiers, in the face of American shelling, unafraid, hold their positions, from beginning to end for the United States to break through the iron line.The volunteers’ tactics were effective, but the casualties were heavy.In 12 days and nights of resistance, our troops suffered 22,000 casualties.With their own flesh and blood, the volunteers held off the flood of American steel.After the war, the 63rd Army, with only 3,000 soldiers left, carried out their orders with their own flesh and blood.For the volunteer army large troops retreat, build a solid defense to win precious time.It also taught Lichwee that it was impossible to defeat the Chinese army in a short period of time.The victory of the Cheorwon offensive not only secured the rear area of the volunteers.It also saved hundreds of thousands of volunteers from the possibility of being cut off and encircled.The battle also became a turning point in the Korean War.The U.S. military had to admit that it could not defeat China and obediently returned to the negotiating table.

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