Hong Kong stocks ushered in the year of the Tiger opening, a comprehensive surge in momentum.On February 4th, Hong Kong stocks ushered in the first trading day of the Year of the Tiger. The Hang Seng index opened sharply higher by 2.22%, and then fell back in shock. However, it soon rose again and appeared a trend of forcing the market to rise.Hong Kong stocks showed a strong performance on the first day of the Year of the Tiger, showing an overall surge trend, with a number of weighted stocks rising as a whole, including Alibaba up 5.65%, China Merchants Bank up 3.24%, Meituan up 3.28%, Ping An Up 4.6%, BYD up 7.05%, Baidu up 5.98%. Internet stocks rose as a whole.Hang Seng Technology index rose 3.05% in the sector, auto, consumer discretionary stocks, financials led gains.Ideal Motor is up more than 12 per cent, Xiaopeng is up more than 11 per cent and BYD shares are up more than 7 per cent.Tronix and Haidilao led the blue chips, up more than 8%.Hong Kong stocks closed for the holiday after half a day of trading on Jan. 31, when the Hang Seng index rose as much as 1.8% before wobbling back to end the day up 1.07%.Market data showed that Hong Kong stocks took the lead in opening the year of the Tiger on The 4th, ignoring the decline of the US stock market on Thursday, there was a comprehensive surge in the trend, the Hang Seng index opened 2.48% high, then the rise expanded, has maintained a rise of about 3%.Up to the close of February 4, the main index of Hong Kong stocks rose.The Hang Seng index rose 771.03 points, or 3.24 percent, to 24,573.29.The INDEX of state-owned enterprises rose 234.42 points, or 2.81 percent, to 8,584.37.The red chip index closed up 98.86 points, or 2.4 percent, at 4,219.93.Most industry groups rose.Wind Hong Kong stock industry index, automotive, durable consumer goods, retail, insurance, consumption and other plates rose in the top.More subdivided Wind Hong Kong stock concept index, charging pile, fuel cell, sporting goods, lithium batteries, Internet medical and other subdivided concepts eye-catching performance.Specifically, automotive, technology, food and beverage plate led the rise.The Hang Seng Technology index extended its gains to 3.05% for the day, with WANGUO data up 8%, JD Health and Baidu up nearly 6%, Ali up 5.61% and Bilibili up nearly 5%.The auto sector rose 3.16 per cent, with Ideal Motor up more than 12 per cent.Property management stocks rose, yuexiu services up 12.53%, Kaisa Mei up 9.6%, riverside services up more than 8%.Food and beverage stocks rose, haidilao up more than 8%, as much as 8.8% intraday, the biggest intraday gain since November 8 last year;Xiabu Xiabu was up more than 7%, up nearly 7%, and 99.99 up nearly 6%.The coal plate rose, Yankuang Energy, China Coal energy rose more than 5%, China Shenhua rose more than 4%.The film and entertainment sector continued to fall in the afternoon, with Alibaba Pictures down 6.82%, Straw Bear Entertainment down 6.42% and Cat’s Eye Entertainment down more than 4.9%.Huasheng Securities, the Hang Seng index in the morning near a high of 24447, up 645 points to close.In the afternoon, the rally extended to a maximum of 807 points to a high of 24,609 and continued to trade near the high.Hong Kong stocks closed high before the holiday, and then with the United States stocks rose for many days, and created today’s red open high after high.Investors see it as a good start and expect it to continue this year.Elsewhere, asia-pacific markets closed mostly higher, with South Korea’s Kospi gaining 1.57% to 2,750.26;The Nikkei 225 index rose 0.73% to 27,439.99;Australia’s S&P 200 gained 0.59% to 7120.10.New Zealand’s NZX50 index fell 0.45% to 12, 279.56.Auto stocks were strong throughout the day on February 4, auto stocks were strong throughout the day.By the close, Ideal Motor was up more than 12 per cent, xiaopeng more than 10 per cent.Byd shares rose more than 7 per cent.In terms of data, NIO automobile, Ideal Automobile and Xiaopeng Automobile have announced the delivery information of January successively. Data shows that in January this year, Xiaopeng Automobile delivered 12,900 new cars, with a year-on-year growth of 115%, ranking the top of new car forces.It is reported that up to now, Xiaopeng automobile has been delivered for five consecutive months broken ten thousand.Among them, in December 2021, the monthly delivery volume of Xiaopeng Automobile exceeded 16,000 units, with a year-on-year growth of 181%, creating the highest in history.By the end of January 2022, xiaopeng’s cumulative historical delivery volume has exceeded 150,000 units.On the same day, Ideal also announced the latest delivery data.In January 2022, a total of 12,300 Ideal ONE units were delivered, up 128.1% year on year, data showed.Since its delivery, the ideal ONE has delivered 136,400 units in total.In addition to Xiaopeng and Ideal, Nezha’s car deliveries in January also exceeded 10,000 units, up 402 percent year on year, reaching 110 thousand units.It is reported that up to now, Nezha cars have been three consecutive months of monthly delivery volume over 10,000.Nextev also announced delivery data on Thursday.Data show that in January 2021, NiO delivered 9,652 new cars, up 33.6% year on year.By the end of January 2022, A total of 176,700 NiO vehicles had been delivered.February 3, BYD shares in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange announcement, January new energy vehicle sales of 93,168 units, 20178 units in the same period last year, a year-on-year growth of 361.73%.Byd shares rose more than 7% today.In terms of individual stock performance, some of the brightest stars were big tech stocks.On February 4th, hang Seng Technology Index rose to 3.05% by the end of the market, with all the constituent stocks floating red. Wanguo Data still led the rise by more than 8%, Mingyuan Cloud and Micro Alliance Group rose by more than 7% and 6% respectively.”ATMX”, Baidu group up 5.98% led the rise, jingdong health up 5.93%.Alibaba also rose more than 5.5% and Bilibili nearly 4.9%.

Source: China Fund News
Duty editor: Zhang Wenqi

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