Bozhou, Anhui province: Disorderly parking?Another batch of misparked cars towed away!

In view of the phenomenon of disorderly parking around the downtown area, in the afternoon of February 17, anhui bozhou city traffic police a large group of huaxialou squadron traffic police management, a number of illegal parking vehicles and non-motor vehicles were towed away.The non-motorized lane around Dayu is not wide, and the traffic flow is also large. In the process of rectification, the traffic police found several motor vehicles illegally parked in the non-motorized lane, occupying a part of the road, affecting the passage of vehicles, and the scene will be towed away the illegally parked motor vehicles.At the south end of beimen Street in the city, non-motorized lanes have become “parking areas” for electric vehicles.In less than an hour, about 10 illegally parked vehicles were towed away.For illegally parked vehicles, next, traffic police will continue to take towing measures to clean up, to ensure the normal passage of the public.Reporter of Bozhou Broadcasting and TELEVISION Station: Chao Yingying Xia Wei

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