CBA5 have the team of 3 giants, liao Yue is relatively mature, guangsha team’s future can not be limited

1, liaoning pg + Zhao Jiwei + Han Dejun – record this season at the top, the depth of the squad is very strong, the team still with pg, Zhao Jiwei, Han Dejun as the core, the pg huge progress, more comprehensive on the offensive end, especially huge 3-pointers ascension, 3 fits not lose pitcher, attacking more three-dimensional, crucial ability for single theory,Guo Is definitely the no. 1 guard in the CBA, even better than most foreign players.Series Zhao Jiwei much better this season, the organization ability is more stable, pitch ball with ease, has to follow one’s inclinations, is still the strongest CBA brain, in addition to passing ability, Zhao Jiwei strengthens the attack ability, three more stable and, in the absence of the pg, Zhao Jiwei propping up the liaoning backcourt.Although Han Dejun is older, he is still in good condition. He is still the core of Liaoning team this season, especially at the beginning of the season, and his average was close to a career high. Han Dejun got enough rest time and his efficiency was very excellent because of the number of liaoning team’s 45 talents.2, guangdong Zhao Rui + yi + Hu Mingxuan guangdong this season due to injury, with some ups and downs, but trouble is only temporary, the third stage Zhao Rui back, big probability Zhao Rui on both ends comprehensive ability is very good, look to the CBA is the top point guards, on both ends is very balanced, organizational ability is also improved,He was previously named Asia Pacific Star of the Year by FIBA.Yi returned from injury this season, with the deepening of the league, the state began in earnest, the current recovery is ideal, averaging data ranks high in the team, both scoring and rebounding are guangdong most stable point, at such a high age, add the Achilles tendon rupture, able to recover so fast, enough to explain yi self-discipline.Hu Mingxuan this season due to injury, the state has ups and downs, perimeter shooting ability declined, compared with the Olympic Games the consolation game performance, he was, you know FMVP Hu Mingxuan is the finals last season, but the current Hu Mingxuan has a full recovery, was born in 98 is still very young, still have very big rise space, the third phase is expected to be back on track.3, guangsha Sun Minghui + Hu Jinqiu + Zhao Yanhao guangsha blockbuster this season, record high on the top four, defending champion guangdong pressure, 3 play less, is the cornerstone of the team, including Sun Minghui in explosion, attack organization in grasping, similar to pg, strengthen the ability of exterior three points, attack, more comprehensive, organize series is still outstanding,He is very active in defense and has become the top point guard in CBA.Hu Jinqiu is still in the lead, very active on the court, often can grab two rebounds to make up the basket, the attack under the basket is very tough, the mid-range shooting is sure, before won the Player of the month, in the MVP voting of this season, the average scoring is in the forefront of the local players.Zhao Yanhao still from the bench, led the second team to charge, in the case of absolute ball, Zhao Yanhao gave full play to his own characteristics, the offensive end is very sharp, scoring explosive force is very strong, especially the outside three points ability is very outstanding.4, the shenzhen team Shen Zijie, He Xining and keeping Shen Zijie huge progress this season, has grown into the CBA’s top post, especially on defense, second only to the housekeeper, deterrence, under the guidance of Shen Zijie, shenzhen team was highest, then Shen Zijie suffered injuries, shenzhen team record plummeting, side proved Shen Zijie irreplaceable role.This season has seen an explosion, with obvious statistical improvement, more mature, passionate on the court. In terms of physical strength, He can definitely rank in the front row. He has excellent fighting ability, a big heart, and saves the team at critical moments for many times.Veteran Gu Quan is in a good mood this season, and his statistics are close to the best in his career. Although his feet move slowly, he has a good sense of rhythm. He has a good grip on the three-point shot and excellent experience on the court.5, Beijing ZhaiXiaoChuan + Fan Ziming + Li Muhao Beijing goal this season is very big, has collected four foreign aid, but record is not up to expectations, the captain ZhaiXiaoChuan returned from injury to exercise capacity fell, but the defensive end is still outstanding, through active without the ball, still can create good shots, along with the league, ZhaiXiaoChuan status recovered.Fan Ziming has made great progress in this season since he joined Beijing Basketball Team last season. In the first stage, he was the scoring champion of the team. His mid-range shooting was very accurate, almost to the point of stretching his hands.Li Muhao is tall and has excellent athletic ability. He plays a great role in defense and has excellent ability to eat cake in attack. As long as the point guard can feed the ball well, Li Muhao can easily perform sudden dunks.Above is CBA5 has 3 big teams, liao yue two mature team squad, guangsha 3 is very young, less in a peak at the same time, the future is not set limit to, in addition, through the Shanghai team’s zhelin wang, Ren Junwei, Guo Haowen combination, shandong team TaoHanLin, high rock, Ding Yanyu navigation combination is also very good, I hope each team can have local three giants,That makes the league more interesting.Which team do you think has the strongest big three in the CBA this season?

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