Contentment is happiness, compared to the ability to feel happiness always around

When riding an electric bicycle in winter, you will feel that taking a bus is a kind of warmth, it is a kind of happiness to enjoy the cold weather during the Spring Festival, I did not take the commuter car to work.Early in the morning, I rode an electric bike to work early in the morning.All the way I shivered with cold, my fingers stiff and aching.Winter is really so cold, I did not increase the cold protective articles, almost froze me out!Only then can we realize the comfort of sitting in air-conditioned buses, warm in winter and cool in summer, and how wonderful it is on time!Riding an electric bike to work is a bad choice.When I walked into the office, a warm current, this is the warmth of heating, I rubbed the frozen fingers, and colleagues about the cold, about the feeling of riding an electric car, ready for today’s work.The warmth of the room was a pleasure, and WHEN I saw the men working in the field, toiling in the cold, I could not help thumbling in my heart.I also participated in the field of the work scene, the mood will feel warm, the work of the occasion is full of happiness.How do you feel?Riding a bicycle is also a kind of happiness to enjoy, because it can bring me to the place of hope recall when I was young, I rode a 28-bar bicycle, every day to go out early and come home at night, travel more than 50 kilometers round trip.Commuting. How hard was it?Life is all about living, trying to make money and support your family.At that time, I really did not feel hard and tired, and will be more energetic into the work.The enterprise is where I struggle.Riding a bicycle to run home is a kind of indescribable joy, because there is someone I love at home, she is looking forward to, waiting for me to come home, home can eat hot meals.There are children at home to bring happiness, happiness, family happiness!Sunrises, sunsets how many wind and rain so through, into middle age more a pleasure.It is a real pleasure to live in a heated house in the middle of winter.It was really bitter to sleep in a house where even a basin of water would freeze. There was warmth and joy in suffering.The winter with heating will not be cold, the winter with heating is like the life in heaven.Contentment is bliss!Cold winter there is warm is to enjoy no comparison, can not find happiness, no pain will never understand pleasure!Life, as long as you can understand the happiness and enjoy the happiness!Life is a lot, learn to compare to understand what happiness is I am brother Jin, to cite a lot of examples, ordinary things, tell you extraordinary concept of happiness.Can you feel it?Leave it in the comments!

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