His 3D attributes make him a “jack of all trades”, that is, a skilled fighter with 11 teams in 20 years and a salary of $14.15 million

Speaking of James Ennis’s name, many fans will certainly have some impression, because his career played for many teams, Ennis almost left a mark in the hearts of many teams’ fans.The LEAGUE now relies heavily on these 3D players, and Ennis has barely had to fit in too much to be a major rotation player on a team.But because of the individual comprehensive ability is not too outstanding, so his career so far ennis has played in many teams.The story takes place as far back as 2009, when Ennis started college and went to the NCAA tournament.In 2009-10, he scored 1,053 points for the team, including 36 in the final game.He then transferred to Long Beach State, where he appeared in 34 NCAA games in 2011-12 and posted a 10+4.1 output. In 2011-13 he posted 16.5+6.7 and took the college to a level it had never seen before.He then began to show his talent in the NBA. In the 2013 draft, he was selected 50th overall by the Hawks and immediately traded to the Heat, who had no room for Ennis at the time, so he had to play in the European league.After averaging 22.3+7.4+2.3 for the Wildcats, he moved to Puerto Rico before the Heat called him up.He played in 62 games in 2014-15, averaging 5+2.8+0.8+0.4+0.3 in 17 minutes per game. He was sent to the Grizzlies in 2015-16 and played for the Pelicans in 2015-16.Things turned around a bit, though, as the Grizzlies brought him back for a two-year, $6 million contract and he’s been a fairly consistent player here.He was then traded to Detroit, where he posted 14+4+1+2 against Atlanta.Ennis posted 16+4+1+2 in the win over Denver and 19+5+1+1 in the win over Golden State.Then he was shipped to the Sixers, where ennis was comfortable enough to get a two-year, $4.1 million extension after playing well enough.But he was sent to the Magic again, this time on a one-year contract, and he put up 6+5+1 in his first game with the team in a win over Atlanta.Ennis waiked his $2.1 million player option on Nov. 8 and entered free agency, but few teams showed interest in him.Ennis is still making a final push to stay in the NBA after playing for the Nets and Nuggets on 10-day contracts.Ennis’s story is a familiar one in the NBA. His attributes are so clear that almost every team can play without running in, and he can guarantee a fairly steady output.As a flanker, Ennis plays mainly in defence against the opposition’s arrow man.His physical strength allows him to stay in the game, and his speed and wingspan allow him to often participate in fast-paced transitions.However, to be honest, Ennis is really lacking in basketball. He lacks the thinking ability to deal with the changing situation on the court, so he often appears to pull his hip moment.Ennis has certainly had a rocky career, switching employers most of the time and keeping his low-key nature to himself, but he does lack one consistent skill set.

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